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A Father

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8 months ago

"A father" reads the headline and understands who is the originator of today's article . For whom I am writing this article. Yes, my respect for all the fathers in the world, today I am talking about all the fathers, not just my father. I want to talk about all the fathers who have worked tirelessly to build a family.

Dad is hidden in a small word. I don't know anything about expressing infinite love. Dad is a person who has no description. The only comparison to the father is himself.

Being a father is the greatest strength for a child. A child in the family sees the father with his innocent eyes as the most powerful, wise, loving and most important member of the family. Daughters consider the father as the ideal man at the beginning of life. Boys, on the other hand, see the father as a source of energy early in life. That is why children want to be as powerful as their father and to be the omnipotent head of the family. In addition, when the child is growing up, the father gives his valuable advice to guide the child's life.

"There is a second chance to get a lot in life but it is not a second chance when the father leaves"

My feelings: Dad, what are you?

It is a feeling hidden inside the chest, not to mention. The words keep the feelings in mind. But I can never say, Dad, I love you so much .

Fathers never express their love for the happiness of the family when the golden days of their life are over just to keep the family happy they don't even know themselves

And we children just keep blaming the father in our minds. There are hundreds of complaints against them. Why doesn't the father give time? Why doesn't the father come on the parents' day of school. Why Dad Goes To The Office Very Morning Why Dad came home from the office after I fell asleep?

I may never have told so many complaints directly to my father but I have kept them in my mind. Sometimes I have submitted the complaints to my mother. She used to answer all the questions from my father but the answers did not satisfy me.

I thought my mother would take my father's side. She is my father's wife. Wife will not say anything against the husband-what !! Ha-ha-ha, how many big thoughts were swirling in the small mind .

My father is a freedom fighter ,not only did he fight for the country he fought for all those families ,he fought for every man and fought for himself and still fighting for his child , for us.

All the complaints against my father as a child are being answered one by one as I grow up, and all the complaints have turned into a mountain of love.

After my mother's death, I think the image of my mother has passed into my father. The way my mother used to take care of me, she used to inquire about me every time .

Now Dad does exactly that. He always finds out. He asks at meal time. Mom, did you eat? Every time,when I upset, he asks why you are upset ?everytime!!

My dad's 78 years old means he's a lot older but his love for me is still as small as I was.

We may not remember the childhood. I was young, there was a lot of curiosity. Why do father birds fly? Why does the car run? What is its name? What is its color? I used to annoy everyone around me by asking thousands of questions.Dad would answer all the questions with a smile on his face. Times have changed. You now know the answers to many big questions yourself, but how many of us remember our childhood?

I grew up listening to a song since I was a child.

"When time is not spent on anything else; the mind is not on the friend's telephone, the head is stuck on the window grill. It seems that no one says like the father.

When I heard this song after growing up so much, the inside of my chest cried unknowingly and I wanted to hide my face in my father's chest like a child.

Just as a mother loves her child, so does a father love his child. Only the type of expression is different from the two. Dad, whatever he is, but my arrival in this world is only for him. I know that all fathers are not same. There are some who have left their families. Children, who have left their wives. But I will say: there are positives in all the negatives.

World Father's Day

Yesterday 14th February celebrated World Love Day. Everyone had flowers, gifts and many more as part of expressing everyone's love. Many more days.Father's Day, Mother's Day will be celebrated again. And Many more days.

June is the year of World Father's Day. The first Father's Day celebrations began in the early twentieth century. No child can grow up healthy, beautiful and smooth in a family with only mother or only father. Mom and Dad - both complement each other. This day is celebrated mainly to show that the mother as well as the father is responsible for the child and this day is started to show respect and love to all the fathers of the world. The day is thought to have been first observed on July 5, 1908, in a church in Fairmont, West Virginia, USA. On the other hand, there was a lady named Sonora Smart Dodd in Washington who came to her senses when she spoke very kindly to the mother of a church priest. He then thinks that fathers also do a lot for the child. But why so much stinginess in expressing love to fathers! Dodd loved his father very much. He then started celebrating Father's Day on his own initiative from the following year i.e. 19th June 1910. At first it was not like that, but at first it was ridiculous for everyone. Over time, that is likely to change. In 1913, the US Congress passed a bill declaring Father's Day a holiday. Then in 1924, the then President of the United States, Calvin Coolidge, gave his full support to the bill. Finally, in 1978, President Lyndon B. Johnson declared Father's Day a holiday. In most countries of the world, the third Sunday of June is celebrated as Father's Day.

Creating a bond between father and child :

This is the history of Father's Day. Now let's come to the father of the child. Father is involved in the word, the direction to move forward holding hands. In our lives, the father is like a banyan tree - sometimes hard, sometimes soft and sometimes loving. Not only caressing love or discipline but also the father raises his child with his responsibilities and duties. Just thinking about the father brings to mind the tireless hardworking man who keeps the child safe from all dangers throughout his life. Even if there are many problems, he keeps the child away from the complexity of those problems with a smile on his face. As much as he is trying to protect himself from the filth of the society, his first encouragement for good deeds also comes from his father. Dad is like a coconut, hard on top but soft and sweet on the inside which is a symbol of responsibility and duty.

Father's Day celebrations vary from country to country. Father's Day is celebrated in different ways in different countries. To celebrate the day, the children love to give the father the gift of his choice. And the father was very happy to receive a gift from the child. In most lands children greet their fathers with cards, flowers, or cakes. Father's Day mugs, T-shirts, books, etc. are more common as Father's Day gifts.

One thing that is noticeable in our country is that as we get older, we tend to distance ourselves from our parents. Although we children love our parents very much, we do not express it very easily. Although there is a friendly relationship with the mother, the friendship with the father becomes very rare for the child. Why this distance with the closest man on earth? Let's get rid of all the inertia and do something for the happiness of the father one day or the other. No matter what, I made a card myself and told my father - I love you very much. See the bright smile on my father's face, that smile is truly priceless and incomparable. On Father's Day, I hope that for every child in the world, 'Father' is not just a word, but an easy-going, friendly, safe haven.


You may think that earning money for the family and meeting all the needs is your biggest job but also giving time to your child and giving time to your wife are part of your special job. A child may not be able to explain everything to you as a child Miss you so much

I have a call for fathers: You give your child time in a crowd of hundreds. Because childhood is a time that is gone and will never come back. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. Otherwise, that time will never come back in your life. Once upon a time, your child will regret that if my father had given me a little more time as a child, maybe childhood would have been more enjoyable. Similarly, even in old age, when you do riturd, you will sit alone and think that if I had given my child a little more time as a child, maybe that time would have been very honey in my life. So what is the need to regret this !!

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Written by   124
8 months ago
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I really like each of your articles. These are all things that come from your mind so maybe it feels so good. I'm not saying you're a good-natured person, sister, that's why you're such a good writer.

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8 months ago

This is a very good article, and wise.

Sometimes here in Europe, a single mother can say (not often, but it happens) that I don't need a man, I can be both mother and father for my child.

Sorry woman, you can't. And you explained it very well. It doesn't mean a mother needs to keep any idiot husband, or replace him with another idiot. Just be aware, you can't be the father.

The children, both boys and girls, need to have the support, and a boy also need to learn what he will be when he grows up, or what she is not but will have to deal with, in case of a girl.

Well done, Sujana!

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8 months ago