You can't be successful without dreaming

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Dreaming of a different future sounds like "fantasy" to most people. Especially, "Do not invent!" Instead of creating something new, people prefer others to take risks and want to be on the side of the successful.

Dreaming is the power to "remember the future," as Stefano d'Anna said. All leaders who have changed the course of history are people who have the power to foresee what others will realize only years later. If Martin Luther King, Gandhi and Mandela had not dreamed of a world where all are equal, racism would not have come this far. The world wouldn't be the world it is today if Christopher Columbus hadn't dreamed of traveling west to reach the east, if the Wright brothers hadn't dreamed of flying, if Steve Jobs hadn't dreamed that humans could tame technology.

In order to "see" something, one must first "dream" of it and then strive to realize it by following it. Everything man-made we see around us first came to life in someone's imagination. Every invention, every work of art, every innovation, every solution starts with a dream, and then this dream becomes concrete with the power of analysis and synthesis of the mind. Everything that man produces comes into being first in his dreams and then in real life.

The majority perceives the dreaming as an unattainable, impossible wish. However, dreaming is very different from "wishing" the impossible.

To wish is to want something we do not have and to hope for it to come true without fulfilling it. Dreaming, on the other hand, is being aware of what one can do and making a plan to reach a future different from today. To dream is to set up a “dream” to overcome obstacles and prepare to follow it. To dream means to see and re-describe what is, rather than accepting it from a different perspective.

People become what they think. No one gets anywhere beyond their dreams. No one has anything beyond their dreams. No one can become a person beyond their dreams. Just like a prophecy that proves itself in life, whatever we dream, whatever we dare to dream, it brings it in our way.

The history of civilization is the history of people who are not content with the present, want more, and dream of the invisible. Dreaming is the desire to do something useful, beautiful and good for oneself, loved ones, society and the world. It is the work of taking the initiative to bring that desire to life.

If a person's dream is strong, if he believes in his dream, the dream will find its own way to come true. Stefano D'Anna “The dream always comes first, financial resources follow. In the millennial race between dreams and money, money has always come later. Therefore, we should not worry about how the resources will come. A real dream also builds its own sufficiency to become reality.”

While making his dreams come true, he encounters a thousand and one obstacles. As the legend says, if David did not dare to fight Goliah, if he succumbed to the fear of a gigantic power, he would always remain a shepherd, only dreaming of becoming a king. However, challenging difficulties brings out the hero in a person. Man fights by discovering the hero in him. Those who do not fight cannot win; they become commonplace.

According to Stefano d'Anna, “A nation's wealth is not the volume of production or exports it has, its oil deposits, gold mines, or diamond reserves. The real wealth of a nation is its people, who are capable of freely dreaming of a better world. At the root of the success of every organization, every society, there is always a person's dream. Everything we have in the name of civilization today is thanks to people who dream of beauty and goodness.

Leaders who have changed the destiny of an organization or a society differ neither in their experience nor in their charisma. The strengths of these leaders are their ability to dream. This is also true in our individual lives. The most effective people are those who stay true to their dreams despite all the difficulties. People who have never abandoned their dreams at all costs have inspiring stories that attract others like magnets.

Dreaming is a very serious business. Those who will bring goodness and beauty to our lives in the future that we do not know today are the people who deal with these very serious things today.

Stefano D'Anna, who we lost last week, used to see dreaming as the most important factor that determines a person's destiny. “Transform yourself into people who dream, create and love.” he would say. Stefano d'Anna was a beautiful person, a valuable scientist, who throughout his life encouraged people to follow their dreams without fear.

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