Perfectly Imperfect

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The world where we live in is full of many things and individuals with different attributes and deeds. It is continuously being affected by the so-called earthquakes of change, where everything, even ourselves, may undergo change. Sometimes, watching how the fools or the toxic people is like watching how some robbers escape the robbery scene-remain uncaught.

There have been many stories that were told. But there are still some stories that remained unspoken. They are not just ordinary tales. Some were traumatic, where the victim wanted to forget. They have a voice, but it seems like they could not use it to speak up because something or someone is hindering them from doing so. Some were witnesses but afraid to show up. Some have heard it, acted like they were deaf. And the saddest truth is that some keep it within themselves even after their death.

In reality, it is sad if you, who came from a poor family or lower state of life, becomes a victim of abuse, not necessarily abuse, but a victim of being taken advantage of by those who have the power. It is a sad reality that sometimes, you just have to remain silent, even if you know the truth, for the sake of being safe.

Sometimes, there is this feeling of emptiness in our hearts and a feeling of unfairness. You, who are doing good, sometimes appear as being the bad ones. That thing is real, and it actually happens. Its source can be traced back, and the root cause is money. Money can make the world go round, but sometimes it is the source of evilness.

Anyways, we all have a choice. If you are brave and strong enough to fight for your right when things around you seemed to turn upside down, why not? Remember the quote from Charles Darwin that states - "It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change."

Even roses have thorns, and it simply connotes that life is not always about bed of roses. It is about growing up and being mature enough on dealing with life's trials and circumstances. And also, celebrating events that are worth celebrating for.

It is a fact that we have many what if's about this and that, but at least try doing what is good for you. It may be risky sometimes, but it is worth the risk once you reap the fruit of your labor. You will feel at ease and get freed from the labyrinth of confusion and what if's, which you have been waiting for once you take the necessary actions.

Though the world is full of ugly sides, still take a look at the brighter side. The world is also full of beautiful things such as breathtaking sceneries and the like. Also, it is not always full of pain and hardships. After the storm comes a better day with a ray of great sunshine, symbolizing a new hope. You just have to remain firm and have faith.

The one who is being pushed down will be lifted up. Sometimes, you no longer need to take revenge because karma might happen to those who belittled you. What's worst is that once it takes its action, the person who has done something terrible to you may get the karma that person deserves.

As long as you are breathing, the game will not be over. Fight for what you believe in, and do not let others take away the raging passion in your heart. Be strong enough and ask for God's guidance, for he will always provide. Life may be perfectly imperfect, but it is such a beautiful gift we have ever received. So always choose to live it to the fullest.

If you read it this far, I commend you. I am grateful for taking the time to read those things I have said. I assume you appreciated this article, and I am looking forward to knowing your thoughts about this topic in the comments below. Thanks!

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