FEX Staking with RFND

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2 years ago

Hello BCH community and beyond,

I have had great opportunity in testing the newly released FEX staking app .

FEX Staking ---> Here

If you're not familiar with RFND token , you must not be receiving payouts from them like my wallet does.

RFND is one of few on my BUY list of SLP tokens . Here is why

The FEX staking app is simple and straight to the point . It allows you to stake your RFND with 1 single verification transaction

described in this video : https://rfndinvestment.com/staking/

The break down for staking is displayed on the chart below :

The design is very easy to Understand . The tutorials and wallet selection within the FEX portal is really nice.

FEX is browser based but it makes a great app when saved to the homescreen of your phone

FEX and RFND is a very unique in what they are accomplishing. RFND is an SLP token on Bitcoin Cash , it offers payouts in BCH or ETH !

The ETH minimum to stake is much higher but it is reasonable due to the fees and the value of the staking reward.

This break through allows people in the ETH community to have an option earning ETH without paying all the fees of collecting and moving to staking pools.

I am excited what this is to bring to the space.

If you would like to purchase RFND , you can find them one memo.cash

Memo - Token

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RFND awesome,

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buyRFND #hodlRFND #stakeRFND $RFND

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