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The difference between man and woman.

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5 months ago

A BOY keeps a password on his cellphone

while a MAN is confident enough to say

“baby can u answer that for me”!!

A BOY runs the streets & chill with his

friends while a MAN is enjoying time with

his woman planning ahead for their


A BOY complains about spending too much

time with his woman, a MAN plans

vacations & getaways because he is wise

enough to notice tomorrow isn’t promised!

A BOY has pride after arguments, a MAN

has heart & emotions.

A BOY beats on his woman, a MAN

massages & cares his woman!

A BOY screams gold-digger for the simple

things a woman want, a MAN screams


A BOY tells his woman all the things she

does wrong, a MAN acknowledges his

woman’s hard work!

A BOY tells his woman she is pretty, & a

MAN tells his woman she is beautiful!

A BOY will read this & think this is about

him & a MAN will read this & thoroughly

acknowledge what he needs to fix in his


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wow so good!

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5 months ago


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