Today: Making The Best Of It

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1 year ago

Today, I almost got robbed. I don't know if almost is the right word to use but you'll see what I mean as the article proceeds. I find that I am most productive past midnight. I know that's not healthy but it would appear that I'm wired like that.

It all started with a very seemingly sunny afternoon when I got some instructions on what to do about my project.

I have been working on my final year project for a month now. Naturally, people outsource these things but the writer in me just wouldn't let me do that. With that in mind, I am handling it myself and that has been a a nightmare. I stayed up late with three alarms just incase I fall asleep at weird times.

I had a target and I needed to meet it so no sleep was the right move. It didn't help that I was completely tired and burnt out from being stressed by my project supervisor. I eventually slept off with my laptop in front of me but the fun part of my night wasn't even started yet.

I woke up around 2AM to my phone ringing. A friend called to know if I was safe and to tell me there were robbers in the area. She said they just left hers and were headed towards mine.

Holy Mother of all things sacred. I panicked. I have a fear of being robbed. I have this deep fear that I have no idea how it came to be. Except for the fact that I had a pretty traumatic experience when I was much younger. I think a collation of events gathered to shape the fear into something that holds strongly over me.

I assume she thought she was doing me a favor but I panicked and being an over thinker, my mind instantly began to think up scenarios.

"Where would they come from?"

"How do they kill people?"

Things like these began circulating my mind and it went on for an hour.

I could not sleep anymore and I could not stop shaking. It was annoying at first mostly because I'm supposed to be a "man" and all. I don't subscribe to the deception that men can't show certain emotions. It also reached deep inside my core. It tapped into my fear and the trauma I struggle so hard to keep deep down and hidden.

It was wayyy past the witching hour and I hadn't had a wink of sleep.

It didn't help that I needed to be working at that time or the fact that I was still very tired and very stressed. I could literally feel my life force draining and i just wanted to sleep.

I first tried to see movies but I could not even focus. It was usually advised to switch off all lights. How people had so many dos and don'ts for when you are about to be robbed or how not to get robbed. How people knew things to do and not do eluded me.

I bet you're thinking why didn't we call the police. After placing barricades in all the entrances, we just went back to our various rooms and started panicking. In my school, security is not exactly paramount and no one really cares, not even the police.

I started to hide my valuables but frankly, I don't have too much to lose but my gadgets which were plenty. They're literally all I have and could not afford to lose them. My insides felt like they had been upturned twice and spread in front of train tracks and walked over by a train.

Now I know that sounds weird and very vivid but that's just so you can get the idea I'm trying to paint.

For the police, we get excuses like there's no fuel in their patrol car to come help. As if that isn't bad enough. They would even suggest you don't make a sound as if you didn't know that.

Eventually, they came around 5AM after the robbers had 3 hours to do their deeds. I almost got robbed and I am just lucky they didn't come to my place.

I woke up by 7am, after sleeping by 5am. I knew today was going to be crazy and I have tried my very best to make the best of it but I just need sleep I can't get till much much later.

I woke up, had a shower, did the usual and I was already off to work before I could say "Cheese."

I'm really not sure how today went or how I seemed to everyone else but I think I handled it pretty well. Except for the ginormous eyebags which might as well be passed off as a fashion statement, I think I'm good.

I traversed the whole length of the school, doing my business and trying to make sure I finish my project on time before I have to defend it.

It's evening as at the time I'm writing this entry to talk about my night and my day. Still very sleep deprived but I'm hoping I've made the best of today to tne utmost level of my abilities.

Also, this is a sort of reminder that no matter what the day brings; you can do this.

I hope you all had a great day and of course a very nice week ahead.


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1 year ago


I had the worst night ever 😫. I don't think anyone can write this twisted fiction

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1 year ago

Lucky you didn't get robbed. Sounds like a fictional story btw....I'm simply walking through.. 🤣

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1 year ago