Life is usually what you make it.

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Life is usually what you make and not what it seems.

Back in 2016, I was trying really hard to get into the university. I stayed in Lagos with an uncle I didn't have too much of a relationship with. 

It was one of those weird relationships where you have an uncle of an uncle on your mom's side. That was this weird relationship we had.

It didn't take long for that relationship to go sour and when it did, he was extremely happy to almost politely send me away. This was no fault of mine by the way and I just rolled with the punches.

I went back home to my parent's thinking my life was over until it wasn't.

Getting admission which later happened was the best thing. Its been hard all through but I finally finished. 

I am adding this little back story and filling up pieces of information so you will be informed on what comes next.

Fast forward to six years after gaining admission, a full corona break, strikes and I am finally done or so I would like to believe.

I'm finishing up my project and that would conclude my partnership with this amazing school (Sarcasm)

I have been through it all and much like anyone else, school is not easy.

I'll be publishing another article that details the madness I have to navigate through just to get but that's for another day.
So, I had such a fun this last weekend that I was sure the universe was going to throw a shitty Monday in my face. Well, I don't know about you but if you had to watch your supervisor talk shit about you, slam the door in your face and all that, you would know that I never have my judgements about the universe backwards.

It all started when I got the meanest person in the entire department for a supervisor. 

Since then, I have not been able to get this man to like me. I am quite likeable too 😭

Monday was chaotic for me. At the time I'm writing this, 18:14 PM which will be different from when I'm posting, I'm standing beside his car, waiting for him to attend to me. 

It usually goes better but most of the time, it doesn't.

I'm starting to think he doesn't like me very much. After spending four months on the field doing research, I have been chasing him just to approve certain chapters in my final project. A project I should have been done with seeing as I signed out of school about five months ago. 

In light of my very great week, I was convinced that I would have a very annoying Monday. 

I wasn't wrong either. I'm still sleeping with one eye open. I wrote all about it in my previous post (here)

The security level is not all that and I've not been having too much sleep. Getting used to this and still trying not to be grumpy during the day is a superpower that no one is ready for. 

I had to stop writing until after he attended to me. It's 19:05 PM, Monday and I am overwhelmed by the corrections he has to make on my perfectly good project. 

Anyways, I have decided that I would not be suckered into his game.

Wednesday, 19:44PM, I am picking up the article from my saved drafts again. I decided I was going to see him on Tuesday to finalize my chapter 4 and then do a brief discussion for the chapter 5 to round it all up by apparently he had other things in mind.

He asked me to come early that morning which I did. My vision was that I would be done with the chapter by that day's end and by today. I would be on chapter 5. I'm mentally inserting a phrase of how the evil he is and destroys perfectly good plans.
I came all prepared for work and he had other ideas in mind. Firstly, he put me on data inputting. Not my cup of tea by the way but I did that for four hours. Afyer that, he spends an hour telling me how bad I've been and advising me on marriage and the likes. At that point, I was content with entering the floor which seemed more welcoming. Eventually, I had to tell him I had an appointment with my optician. I have been meaning to see one and get new glasses but my bank account is a bit on the dry side at the moment so I'm pushing that. It was the perfect cover however.

He grudgingly agreed and I left with my sanity at a very low level.

I gave myself a break from him today and I will pick up the madness tomorrow. Until then, I am breathing good air and encouraging myself with positive words.

I'm not sure what this week will bring but I really do hope its better than today.

I hope everyone has a great week ahead. 💟

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