Keeping up with Stefan: The Introduction.

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1 year ago

I bellyached about what to write and how to actually begin for a couple of hours. Safe to say that I eventually decided on just going with my gut and muse it through. So, I'm guessing this would be an introductory post. A sort of how to, wiki, a prognosis of things to expect going forward.

So, what to expect here on this page? Frankly, I'm not completely sure but if there's one thing I do really well is sharing my thoughts and having interacted with a lot of people on, I realize that so many beautiful minds exist.

My Hobbies

The first thing I do is read. I realize that this is a lot of people's go to for hobbies. I've always been fascinated by how easy it is to get lost in a book. The impressive part is how your mind creates images to make the words you're reading attain a sense of reality in your mind. That has always been one of the most amazing things to me.

Reading a good book is one of the best feelings you can imagine. It just fills you with this sense of anticipation and excitement. It would take a seasoned veteran like myself to contain the excitement. I want to believe you got that joke? I think I should try comedy.

A book based on my perception isn't just a piece of paper sewed or strapped on together by glue. Think of it as a portal to a universe you didn't know existed. It transports you to that world of its own as a premium spectator.

Books really changed my view of the world and a great part of how I think is due to the exposure I've had. The books I've read, movies I've seen and so on.

My Love for Writing

Since you know I've loved to read for as long as I can remember. It isn't unheard of to guess that I write too. I mean, how crazy would it be? You're reading an article I wrote.

I've been writing for about seven years and with each passing year, I want to believe I've gotten better from that time till now. Writing to me is not just words on paper. The same way I have a very weird ideology of books and how they serve as portals to another realm. Speaking of; I think I will be writing a different article on this in a couple of days.

I think writing is more like playing god. You get to create characters from scratch and give them life. They get to have dreams, goals, aspirations. They live rent free in your imagination. Reality is not what we feel and touch like I always say. It is what you believe. These characters are as real as you want them to be.

I was once mad at a character I created for betraying another character. I had to stop myself like. You know this is a book right Stefan?

It was the most comical thing ever. I love creating life. Being a writer is like being gifted with the touch of God. Kind of like how King Midas was cursed to turn everything he touched into gold. Writers can create life with every stroke of the pen. It is the most beautiful thing ever. To create characters from nothing and watch the come alive.

My Music

As the Bio says, (This is assuming you've checked my bio. Assuming you haven't, I'm also assuming you will right?) I'm a professional writer and a singer songwriter. I've also been known to dabble into voice acting.

My love for music goes as far back as my love for everything else that comes natural to me. Music is a medium of expression and the best way to tell someone how you're feeling without actually saying it is to sing your heart out. Pain, love, sadness, heartbreak and so much more can all be heard a song without actually saying "I am heartbroken."

I think keeping up with Stefan is something that goes on and on if I let it but I'll stop here.

I am really excited to be part of this family and I look forward to what the future holds.


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I don't really read books, but I like reading manga, just like you I can watch the character playing in my head, I think I can do that because I love watching anime. Anyway, good luck to us in this platform, I've been here I think for a couple of weeks but I'm not active.

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1 year ago

I don't like Manga either. I find myself feeling lazy to read it when I can just do the live action instead.

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1 year ago

Well I don't hate books, I just don't read them, unless it is school thing. I never said I don't like books I just don't read them a lot, there's a huge difference. Why do you sound like I say I don't like books?

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1 year ago