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The Journey To Home

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3 months ago
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How's your day been. This days, we had troubles with our daily lifes. Going outside, working for money, and so much more. But there's one thing that OFWs or anyone who are far from their family, and that is, returning to their homes. But this is very hard, since most of the requirements needed is very expensive, and more likely to wait for days. But me and my sister came back from my family in Cebu. And we returned safely.

Here's how we returned.

The Stressful Saturday

So, this happened on Saturday, we are just making our lunch, and my sister is trying to wash her clothes, normal stuffs. But everything got a bit more fast when my mom called us. She said

"Anak, pagdali, pag-inpake na mo kay paulion na mo diri sa Cebu. Pagdali mo! Maghulat ra mi didto sa pantalan. Sakay ra mo sa barge sa Tampi" (Son, hurry up, pack your things because I want you both to go home (Cebu). Hurry up! We'll wait at the port. Just ride the ship in Tampi."

We were like, WE'RE GOING HOME, and getting stressed a bit as we pack our things fast. But we're kinda in need. We need money for our rapid test. So we called mom on how we're going to get our results if we don't have money to spend on both the tickets and the Rapid Antigen Test, but mom replied that her savings will be used for our expenses, she will just send the money to us when she's on the road. I'm excited to have our chance to go back!

Everything goes well, but one thing is not going well...

Mother called my uncle to pick us up with our 2 baggages (1 box full of full bags with clothes, and an organ that is disassembled) and a bicycle that my young sisters left before. At 1pm we're ready to go and get our Rapid Test. When we arrived, bad luck strikes, the Medtech left just in time for their half-day work. We waited for 1 hour straight to wait for them and my mom's reply. But they called and they said that the medtech left because they had a half-day shift. So we left with no idea how it's so perfectly timed that they lefted upon we just arrived. We were disappointed how we cannot return home and wasted our time on packing up things so fast.

Another Call, Yet Cancelled After Being Prepared

In the afternoon we were trying to figure out how to get our rapid test before the end of the week. But mother called yet again...

Son, pick your things up, the medtech is now there!

Oh brother, again? Is this going to be a waste of time again?

So, we're preparing ou things again, thankfully we didn't actually take all the things and put it back. After we prepared them, we prepared ourselves. But after the both of us finished tying up our shoes, mom called, and said...

Son, don't go now. We didn't prepared yet. And it's already near night, so cancel it. We're not sure that they'll come.

Mom, why are you so unsure about this? Like, the words "I think" is always in your mouth, be more sure about this, okay, we're tired of running back there wasting our whole time.

And then, all of us began to mumble about this shenanigans. We basically got angry for this rushing trip. Is mom on adrenaline now? She's way too stressed to think and miss us.

Mom called yet again...

Anak, don't waste the money we sent, we'll add it on Monday for your Antigen Test on Dumaguete. Hopefully.

This has to be sure alright. This rush time is more likely a Home Alone scene where Kevin's family rushing packing their things getting ready for the trip to Miami while leaving Kevin and realising that they left him alone. Mom's been rushing and can't wait for us to come back during this pandemic.

Monday, The Day We're Off

On Monday, we woke up early to take the Rapid Test early for us to take the ship so early.

We didn't bring our things, yet. Because we had to make sure that everything is OK, especially with the results soon. But, we didn't expect that finding a hospital to get our Rapid Test for Travel is hard in Dumaguete.

The "Scheme" of Hospitals: Expensive Rapid Test

With my uncle's help to go to Dumaguete, we can go there in no time. But, Dumaguete roads are so congested, so my uncle used the shortcut to the main city without the traffic getting in the way.

Our first hospital we had in mind, and my aunt's suggestion (she's a nurse), the Holy Child Hospital.

We asked the guard in there if they had the Rapid Test for travellers available. He replied...

Nope, we don't have any of those now. We only had for companies.

We asked...

Is there any clinics or hospitals near us to get a rapid test? The cheaper ones?

He replied...

There's a one clinic near this hospital that offers rapid test. It's called BioTech. It's within the corner.

My sister asked...

How much is it per person?

He replied...

It's only for PHP 1,400.

Did he just guide us to their scheme? That cost alot bro.

My sister asked again...

Is there any other clinics that offers the same test, but at the cheap price?

He replied...

Well, there's no any. You should go on BioTech instead.

I mean, no. Never. We had PHP 2,000 budget for our test, bruh. We know you're hiding something.

We planned another clinic that offers this test that cost PHP 850. The passengers on the port before said that there's a clinic that offers Rapid Test for PHP 850. It's called DiagCare. It's within Daro, which is just within the place we are in. So we had to find it.

Luckily, we found it. We asked the nurse in there if their rapid test is still available.

She replied...

Our rapid test is not in here, the laboratory. But our infirmary had. Its just within Banilad near the Robinsons Place Dumaguete.

Sis, its so far, we needed to have our rapid test, quick.

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We actually had to go there to take our rapid test to get our results. *sighs*

But mom called...

Anak, the medtech in Tampi is now there, hurry up before noon. They'll stay there till lunch.

Great, all this for what, nothing but waste.

So we headed there, but before that, we need lunch, an early lunch. So my aunt (uncle's husband, not the nurse who recommended) bought some fried chicken for lunch, how sweet.

We ate our lunch at their house, and afterwards, we took our things in Campaclan, and took our time to go to the port.

Luckily, the medtech is still there, waiting for people to take their results.

How much is the test? It's PHP 600 per person. WOW, what a joke. Is this the sign of government go nuts and have their price go nuts as well? This isn't business world okay?

At exactly 1pm we had our test started. And...

The Rapid Test

The Rapid Test, argh, the pain plus the tickling feeling, its so much more than having something in your nose Dx. It's pain lasts for a long time, while the results come in 30 minutes. The feeling is like something is poking inside your nose, and it's so painful.

The results are ready, and I'm scared to have my test positive as I had runny nose still. But I had the courage to believe in God taking us home with no delay.

And... I'm negative!

I'm so glad that both me and my sister got negative in this test. Finally, a guarantee trip to home!

The Trip To Home

It took 30-50 minutes to get to Cebu with a ship, but at least its a passenger ship as well. After we arrived, my father was there, waiting for us. After the boat can now be unloaded or passengers can across, I hugged so hard to my mom and dad. I haven't been able to hug them in a while. We used the Pajero owned by my other uncle and father is allowed to use it to drive home. We stop at Ginatilan to take a snack. I had a hard time getting my hotdog since its 7-Eleven, so it's self service. After that, we drove to home. Hugging my young sisters that we didn't hugged for long. And we had a fun here for the rest of the days.

But I was worried to my grandparents that stayed in there. But I believe that they had Jesus within him to protect them. My mom is planning to go there but she needs a way to get there.

The End!

Thanks for reading, fellow fams.

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Written by   6
3 months ago
Topics: Experiences, Love, Journey, Story, Travel, ...
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Thank you so much sir for your generosity, Godbless you and your family 🙏

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3 months ago

good for you that you're back in your hometown and in good condition. i hope your mom too can be with you soon.

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3 months ago

I'm glad you arrived safely. May God bless you and your family.

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3 months ago

Thanks! Hope God will bless you too.

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3 months ago