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Internet Connection in Here Is, Weird

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3 months ago

Good morning/afternoon /evening users! It's been 2 weeks since my last article has been uploaded. I was not able to post some because I have no other ideas for new articles, and the network availability in the province I'm in.

Internet Experience

After I returned home, my internet experience got affected. Because, the signal availability of my carrier can only get 2G, which is slow, and I had to go to the bay just to get 4G. But even though I got 4G, compared to the signal in Negros Oriental and in Cebu Province, its way too far than I used to. Even though my phone is on 4G, still I had to wait for couple of minutes just to load my YouTube homepage, and even playing a video is always slow, always load and had a crappy quality. This is why I can't rely to the internet speed here.

Prepaid Wifi Experience in The Province

WiFi is a thing since it was created. I used WiFi back in Negros Oriental to search the internet and play online with my friends. But after returning home, I had to use my least favorite WiFi modem, its a Globe At Home Prepaid WiFi. I don't use that modem that much after realising that took signal so fast, but going on browsing, worse. Even wih 4-signal bars an in LTE, it always loads up slower than just using my mobile data, how much more in the province 😑. There are places around in the province that has better reception which has better Internet access, but its pandemic, I can't roam around. So there's some hope for some people to had a better Internet without paying monthly bills.

Speedtest of the WiFi (The Rooftop Wifi)

How Did We Use the WiFi if We Had Weak Connection Around?

Since not all areas within my home has weak signal, we had some ideas where to place those 2 WiFis we had.

Why We Had 2 WiFis?

The WiFis are having the same network provider. We had two same wifi, but different kind of modem (device), The old one (modem) that my family bought for our internet usage at Negros Oriental, even though I connected to my neighbour's WiFi 😂 (kapit-wifi), and the one, which is a new type of modem that my family received from my Grandpa-Daddy that is currently on USA, its for father's WiFi usage for church-related stuffs, and my family's Internet usage at home. They had that WiFi when I was still at Negros.

The old one is placed near the window inside our home, and the other one, well, with father's diskarte, he put the wifi ABOVE OUR HOME just to get better connection. He wrapped the wifi with a long log and topped with a water bucket to protect the wifi from being washed by rain.

This means that the wifi on the rooftop is more likely to have a better reception but less likely to have better coverage (wifi strength) inside our home, while the wifi inside got normal reception and can cover wifi strength inside our home.

Weird Internet Connection

The WiFi inside our home V. S. The WiFi on the rooftop

The modem inside our home can cover the entire home, but it's so annoying that the internet is slow, while the one on the roof has a decent Internet, but because the modem is at outside, we had to find a place to get into the coverage of the wifi.

But what makes them stay the same, is the internet in the morning and in late night.

It gets slow when used too long and when most people are now using the same network, mostly they use their mobile data on 9am to 10am (my guess only), which affects the connection as well. We had to use the wifi at midnight or early in the morning just to get decent connection.

My Aunt, who is a teacher, experienced worst connection

Recently (Aug 30, 2021), my aunt wanted to use our WiFi. She needs it for her INSET conference, I think? It's just related to her school works. We let her borrow it. She founds a better connection, but after she connected her phone to the wifi, she didn't believe how worse it is. She opened her YouTube to watch the live, but it took long to get the live to play.

I heard that DepEd will give all teaching and non-teaching staffs to have a DepEd sim that is being distributed by Smart Communications. Auntie knows that Smart network coverage in here is weak, she questioned how will teachers who didn't have a better Smart network coverage if they need to use it for their Internet usage, sheesh.

She will keep the wifi till she's finish her video conference. She's probably use that in midnight to watch the recorded live.

Why Not Apply For A Fiber-Plan/Broadband WiFi?

There's a fiber-plan connection now within the entire Alegria, this includes the purok I'm in. But I only noticed that Globe is the only fiber WiFi used in here, so I can't choose for a different provider.

Why we can't avail? Because we can't afford the bills for it, since my father doesn't have a decent job, he only make money on his rakets and being a tricycle driver, which is being paused during this pandemic, but sometimes he will.

It is also unsure if the connection is stable and reliable.

I wonder if some people experience this as well. If you have, comment down below.

Thanks for supporting me

Thanks guys for all the generous support! I might unable to post some new articles because I don't have other ideas for articles.

Thanks for reading!

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Written by   6
3 months ago
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Slow Internet would irk me to no end considering I do almost everything online from banking, to investing, paying bills, etc. I have a very good connection and probably take it very much for granted. I hope things can improve for you and that you can find a workable solution that is both economical and convenient.

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3 months ago

That's also my problem slow internet connection sometimes I can't upload pictures and also there's a time that I can't access the site that I want.

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3 months ago

As for today pandemic, the only way to consistently connect to the rest of the world is with the use of internet connection. So it's actually a problem when you have slow internet connection. We're also using globe at home wifi and because we're in metro manila the connection is kinda strong but there's a time that it's getting weaker. The problem is that the internet connection fees here in the Philippines is so high yet their service is too low

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3 months ago

It is true that their services is way too slow and their promos are so expensive. I hope they'll consider improving their services.

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3 months ago