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TOP CRYPTO SCAM SITES to avoid in 2020

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1 year ago

Hi, everyone, My name is Hilary(Spartacux). I am a forex trader, crypto and faucet disciple. I became a member of almost at the time I was frustrated by a similar site like But am not going to mention the name of the site here but maybe if I write another post. This is my first time to write and publish in I am putting up this post because I have been a victim and probably some of you. In this post I am putting up some list of crypto site involved in mining and investment I gathered on the web pages.

The list of scam sites as of August, 2020.




4-FX golden

5-servo finance

6-IOTA invest




10- InvestOptions

11- Cryto Biss Africa and World





15. Cryptochain LTD

16- crypto-evolution

17- Ufo

18- coinmining

19- zezpro

20- crypto-emirates

21- Pesona. biz

22- crypto insight

23- Petro china

24- global crypto Frasers

25- Gold sonic

26- Brickell-global

27- Midjobs

28- coinpros

29- Cloudmining

30- Weet.Itd

31- Getcoin-mining

32- Profit-fast

33- Mani-Best

34- Uno finance

35- Aptinvest

36- Worldmining

37- Buhariki space

38- Wale investment

39- Altana life

40- Luno investment

41- Capital one investment

42- Green-wealth

43- Forex and money

44- Gold.io8

45- Axcessnet- capital


47- Aloeva club

48- Apextrade

49- Cryptbox

50- Earnhub

51- tradehub

52- bemistrade

53- Wcapital

54- Hourrich

55- Genuischange

56- * Attonbank *

57- Groupconcept

58- Crowd1

59- High Live

60. Alliance ltd.


62. Mygoldev

63. AIA (suponsorized by Tottenham spur.

64. Alcore club.

The rate of scammer investing into crypto to lure instors with lucrative packages are amazing and alarming. Everyone should be carefully and hope that blockchain will provide an alternative and improvement to slove the epidemics like covid-19.Evergone should be try to avoid falling for the above scam sites.

Thank you

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Written by   4
1 year ago
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your list will be even longer if I add pages that have fooled me and my friends.

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1 year ago

Thanks that you put up a consolidated list. Scammers are having a field day. The situation has been same 4 years back and will continue to do so. Personal precaution is the best antidote.

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1 year ago

I have deposit in Crypto Emirates $1

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1 year ago