The Most Stupid Decision Ever

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5 months ago

Recently I read a news that bothered me a lot, which is that the Irish government has made the decision to kill 200,000 cows due to the emissions of methane gases from them, which in turn to climate change.

How ridiculous is such a decision? Cows have existed since the beginning of creation and are essential for human food. If their emissions harm the environment according to their theory, why don't they provide environmental solutions in cities, using electric cars to reduce pollution, but cows live in countryside, in the heart of nature where are the trees which provide the oxygen.

How can the government, once it makes such a decision, be against its own people? It is an unimaginable act, the elimination of cows in one country will inevitably lead to the economic deterioration of this country and other countries. 

It is cruel and unjust.

However, the cull has been criticized by animal rights groups and farmers. They argue that it is cruel to kill healthy animals, and that it will damage the Irish economy. The cull is also expected to lead to job losses in the agricultural sector.

The Irish government has defended the cull, arguing that it is a necessary measure to address climate change. However, the decision has highlighted the complex challenges of balancing environmental concerns with economic and social factors.

It is important to note that two jumbo jets pollute the air more than 200,000 cows.

In conclusion, the Irish government's decision to cull 200,000 cows is a controversial one. There are valid arguments to be made on both sides of the issue.

Hope that the government will withdraw this very bad decision.

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5 months ago