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The Music Fest: It's on June 21 !

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Last year, with Alchemic Journey, it was already difficult to play for the 2020 music festival, on June 21st. We had succeeded. Invited for a slot of about an hour and a half (previously 45 minutes) at "Aux Bonheurs Landais" in the "Pays de Gex" (Country of Gex) in Prévessin-Moëns town, on the Swiss border. Good feeling, good sound, good show! First date of the year, it was! We also ended the day with some great jamming with some great musicians friends. We like it when we can meet in this kind of moment. and share a lot of fun!

This year 2021 for the first gig of this season, we have a scheduled Rock Concert, still in the "Pays de Gex", this June 18, 2021. We played at Ornex at "La Brasserie Gessienne". It's where the well known CERN is. Swiss border, french side, near Geneva. A very nice evening, a very receptive audience, a very warm atmosphere. Received like princes! We tried to give everything! It was very hot! Hot! We play exclusively our music. A great Rock Concert! Probably one of the best we done..

We have to fight to be able to continue sharing these good moments, the culture. People need to take a break, to relax! One more time, it was not easy, governement saying: "you can't play", "you can do it", "you can't play", etc.. in a psychotic loop. A hallucinating disorganization. Still curfew until June 21 (previously June 30). We played until 10h30 AM. We take the risk to be arrested and ticketed. A fine of 135 euros per person! But what a gig!! :0)


Things moved since this publication .. we have 3 more official gigs announced, and a lot to come.. we don't have the exact date yet.

"La Fête de la musique" Origins

The real spark that created this event was in 1976. It was the American Joel Cohen, at the time a producer for Radio France Musique, who conceived the idea with his "Saturnales de la Musique". Cohen proposed a nocturnal opening of the radio program on June 21 and December 21, respectively the days of the summer and winter solstice, by inviting all musicians, professionals and amateurs, to take to the streets and play spontaneously. The project was carried out in Toulouse and Paris on June 21, 1976: during the longest night of the year, the radio broadcast a live recording of these events.

In October 1981, Jack Lang, the French Minister of Culture, appointed Maurice Fleuret as Director of Music and Dance. Maurice Fleuret applies his reflections on the musical practice and its evolution and lays the foundations of a new conception: "The music will be everywhere and the concert nowhere!". He evokes a "revolution" in the field of music, which tends to make meet all the musics (without hierarchy of genre nor of origin) in a common research of what he calls "a sound liberation, an intoxication, a vertigo which are more authentic, more intimate, more eloquent than art".

In 1982, a major survey on the cultural practices of the French was carried out by the Ministry of Culture's studies and research department and revealed that five million people, including one young person in two, play a musical instrument, whereas the musical events organized up to now only concern a minority of French people. From this fact, Jack Lang, Christian Dupavillon, architect/scenographer, member of his Cabinet and Maurice Fleuret deduced that the landscape of the musical practice in France remains to be discovered. So they imagined a great popular event that would allow all musicians to express themselves and make themselves known. Thus, the first Fête de la Musique was launched on June 21, 1982, the symbolic day of the summer solstice, the longest day of the year in the northern hemisphere.

Keep rockin' the BCH World! :0)

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Written by   154
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Topics: Music, Art, Culture, Community
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