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3 years ago

Hello Music Lovers, :0)

If you read me regularly, you've probably read my music articles and researched about a way to monetize music and art with Bitcoin Cash (BCH). As a reminder, the first reflection, and the second.

I decided yesterday to implement one of the ideas that had been suggested. I offer the purchase of my latest EP "In Slow Motion"at a really attractive price: $ 0.50 on SatoshiWall. It's a promotional launch over Satoshi Wall, so if you want to support my music art, just go there, clic on Paid Content, pay the $0.50 in BCH and you will get an instant access to the hidden content to download the full album. What do you risk? If you don't love it, just gift it to a friend. Just $0.50. I thank you so much to be part of this experience.

Buying it you help to spread the word:

  • 1. About my music!

  • 2. About the Bitcoin Cash!

Good causes! :0)

The idea is to experiment various ways to make a living as an independent artist. Awaking artists to work to be "entrepreneurs". We can do it! Some good news soon about that. Well, you know what? I sold one today! :0)

To listen the full EP: "In Slow Motion":

To buy it at $0.50:
In Slow Motion by Solar Phasing

See you soon.. Space Rockers!

Much Love! :0)
Thank you very much for your support.

Juan, @SolarPhasing

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3 years ago


I unlocked your satoshiwall post. I like your music. Parts of it reminded me of Paul Oakenfold.

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3 years ago


Thank you so much to take part of this little experience! :0) And for your support here, and on Satoshiwall. It's great from you. I'm really happy you like my music, and taking time to give some feedback. Appreciated! It's totally not "mainstream" stuff.

I will check Paul Oakenfold work. Thanks for the ref.

I really think Bitcoin Cash is the solution! Instant, low fees, easy.

Have a fantastic weekend. Regards.

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3 years ago

listening now. Too slow for my current mood, but pretty well done.

what a nice experience buying something through satoshiwall is ;-)

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3 years ago

Hey man, Yes then it can make smile, but understand me: around me, the artists are struggling to sell their music, but nobody is moving, we are going to have to kick in the pile. Show a way.. Have you seen music for sale in BCH somewhere?

And then it's the first time that I sell music and that money arrives directly on my desk on Electron, eh! ;0)

Hey, I have something faster for you. I will come back during the day.

That said thank you for participating in this experience. Thank you for your support. Glad you enjoy!

Have a fantastic weekend! Regards.

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3 years ago

now playing on my background while playing online games

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2 years ago