Rock Music - Playing Live with Alchemic Journey

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2 years ago

Hey buds! :0)

We played Rock'n roll Live again this friday night with the Alchemic Journey Band. We were celebrating music this Friday, June 18th at the Brasserie Gessienne, in Ornex Town. What a great evening! And night Gig! :0)

A warm audience. A beautiful summer starting. What a joy to meet again for these magnificent moments of sharing, of Freedom. Thank you so much to everyone there! Much #Love.

We can announce our 3 official next concerts. We have more to come, but the dates are still not set.

  • July 16th at Camping Le Valserine in Chezery.

  • August 20th at Les Allobroges in Seyssel.

  • August 27th at Café Du Soleil in Ferney Voltaire

Soundcheck Chilling..

& Some sound..

Un Espoir (A Hope) - Live à la Brasserie Gessienne, le 18 juin 2021.

Y a t'il Quelqu'un (Is Anyone there?) - Live à la Brasserie Gessienne, le 18 juin 2021.

For this one we started playing, it was day.. and when we finished it, it was? Night! :0) Kind of Pink Floyd vibes compo.

I hope you will enjoy this live shots!

See you.. soon! Space Rockers! :0)

#AlchemicJourney #carnetderoute

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2 years ago


I'm glad you were able to play live again. I can see that it was fun. 😄

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2 years ago

Nice to see you! :0) Yeah, it was a lot of fun. Precious moments! Thank you so much for your support.

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2 years ago