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Prompt.Cash: an easy solution for Instant Bitcoin Cash Payments!

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4 months ago

Day 12 - (Day 11).

I think I've been looking for a solution to sell my music with Bitcoin Cash for over a year. Or more.. I don't have the time or the inclination to update my coding skills again. It's been a long time since I wrote a line of code. More than a decade. I was looking for a reliable and easy to set up solution. I had momentarily put this idea aside, absorbed by other things. And then I was away for 6 months.

I would like to be able to sell my music directly from my website with Bitcoin Cash. Official releases, which are distributed on all streaming platforms, but also other things. Alternative releases. Unfinished works. Different things. Give access to some pages with bonuses, etc.. The possibilities are many. Including licensing. There is also the fact that I create a lot of sound for indie game developers, etc.. A lot of free tracks or sound effects, but also quality soundtracks with low cost licenses. That's my choice. It's my way to participate in the history of video games. I'm a long time gamer. Since the late 70's and the arrival of Pong on a TV screen. Small developers often don't have the budget for this kind of thing. We can even imagine a monthly payment to give access to an exhaustive sound library. Things like that!

Lets play some music for a good mood and some ambient while reading. I discovered this one on "Deeper" channel on NoiseCash this morning: Ben Böhmer - Wagnis. House music. Soft.

The advantages of Bitcoin Cash?

The first thing is that there is no middleman between the seller and the buyer. 100% of the revenue goes to the artist. The payment fees are very low, in the order of a few cents at most. The speed of the payment process for the buyer who pays in Bitcoin Cash and is immediately redirected to the download of the music he has just bought. With a smartphone you scan the QR code and that's it! Why Bitcoin Cash? I think nobody here will ask that question, haha ha. But.. in case of: do you know a better cryptocurrency that offers the same benefits?

Prompt Cash

Last night, I was looking at my private list of users related to Bitcoin Cash on Twitter and I discover this Tweet about Prompt.Cash:



BitcoinCash Payment Processor - Prompt.Cash

Instant BitcoinCash (BCH) payments directly into your own wallet (non-custodial). Fast and secure low-fee transactions"

"Hey, may be, It's what I'm thinking?!". It looks like!

What does Prompt.Cash offer?

It's a Bitcoin Cash payment gateway that offers a few other useful services, such as integrating a Wordpress blog widget with the Wordpress plugin. However, this service requires a subscription ($20/month). Which for a small independent seller like me is quite expensive monthly. However, the first year is free. Nothing prevents you from using the product for a full year, building a loyal customer base, and then deciding if paying a subscription of this amount is viable/profitable for you.

The free account allows you to integrate scripts that you can customize with the API. So the service is quite usable too for free. The wallet is yours, the money arrives directly on it with the public key of an existing wallet or created for the occasion.

Anyway, I'm going to test both solutions: integrating small pieces of code on the page of an Album (free), or through the Wordpress Prompt Cash plugin which offers more options (paying after the first year).

Look at some of the functionalities in the image below. A really cool one is you can accept payment with SLP Tokens too. Easy to setup. Imagine people having some of your tokens paying with them to buy a product. In my case, for an amount of x tokens, getting a full album, a single, a special track, etc.. That's cool!:0) The SmartBCH bridge can be useful too: BCH to SmartBCH. An URL shortener is also available.

Let's give it a try! & We will see..


I create an account on Prompt.Cash, set my public key (xPUB) of my Bitcoin Cash wallet where it is requested and save the information. I then go to the administration of my Wordpress site and search for the Prompt.Cash plugin by typing "Prompt Cash" in search. Ok, here it is, I have it! I reread the preview of the functions. Everything is ok, this is what I'm looking for! I click on "Install" and there it is, the plugin installed in a few seconds and need to be activated. In a few minutes all that part is done. The admin place on Prompt.Cash website is clear and functional.

Check out the video. It's well explained.

So, check out the Prompt.Cash gateway website, create an account to go further and see if this service can help some of you.

For my part, I will create some landing pages on my website tonight or tomorrow morning, test it.. and see if it's perfect one for me. I have to update my website on all parts. It's a new one not updated since I installed it a couple of months ago. I need to work on it seriously to made it fully functional and exhaustive.

Expect an article with my conclusions soon!

A track of mine called: Beyond.

A new fresh track is coming!

See you later! Have a peaceful day.. or night! :0)

You can find me on NoiseCash and MemoCash. Feel free to join me.

Thank you very much for reading me & supporting me! Leave a comment if you have any questions.

For more Solar Phasing music, check: Soundcloud or Audius.


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Written by   153
4 months ago
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Fantastic! It seems PromptCash will be a handy tool for accepting payments on Bitcoin Cash. I shall try it for one year without any obligation. So, I now have three dot-cash sites to use.

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4 months ago

Hey, happy to see you! :0) Yep, It worth a try, I think. Seems easy to implement the scripts, etc.. very convenient! What content in your sites?

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4 months ago

I haven't yet published my site! The content will be ebooks.

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4 months ago

I will keep in touch! :0)

$ 0.01
4 months ago

Thank you so much. I have now started to believe "better late than never," so I am putting in some serious efforts.

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4 months ago

thank you my friend

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4 months ago