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Pieces of mind (En vrac)

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1 year ago

With each passing day we lose our freedom, each day a little more. Laws voted, directives, and other state of emergency. In France, our president will speak this Wednesday live on television. This is obviously not a good sign.. no! A nasty smell of re-containment. If only it was justified.. The big lie! Probably the biggest in the history of mankind.

"Think for yourself, otherwise others will do it for you!


Yesterday in rehearsal with Alchemic Journey, our bassist has been absent for almost 3 weeks, for various reasons. We decided to rehearse anyway. We are working on new songs, new compositions. We have matured, it is now obvious. The sound is refined, the interpretations too. So we take the opportunity to dissect the new songs, and then we jam a lot as well. Let us go to the spontaneity and the mood of the moment. The feeling! What a pleasure!

Festival Rock Woodoo Rucher 2020 with Alchemic Journey (september 12, 2020) Credits photography: Stéphane Lorenzi

For this winter we have planned 2 concerts broadcast on the internet in streaming. The opportunity for our music lovers scattered around the world to finally be able to see us playing live, for them! We will start the rehearsals, with all the technical aspect that it entails to have a quality image and sound, at the beginning of November. If the world hasn't imploded before. Yeah, that's humor. :0)

Keep in touch for:

  • December 19, 2020

  • January 16, 2020

1h30 for each live event.

End Concert on September 13,2020 - Confort, fête du village. Credits photography: Jean Christophe Bellier

On social networks there are sometimes interesting interactions. Last week, I shared this image without knowing where it came from.

On Imgur, a person quickly posted a link to its provenance. Saying: "That's a French illustration for War of the Worlds.". I like this kind of interaction. :0)

Wishing you all a fantastic week.

A 10 years thing I need to re-work one day. Alchemic Journey wasn't yet a band.

October 2008, one shot

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Written by   154
1 year ago
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