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[Part 1] 10 Years in Music: The dotSpice Trip!

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1 year ago

Hello Music Lovers, :0)

A quick overview of a good ten years in music. Through different projects. It is not exhaustive.. far from it. Rather, these are the most "popular" tracks on Soundcloud. Woodoo Prod found interesting to compile this "data". For fun at first. The idea in mind is probably an official compilation.

If I had to choose my favorite compositions, I wouldn't make this playlist. Besides, what playlist would I do?

There you can discover music from dotSpice, Alchemic Journey and Solar Phasing.

Let's put the context back.

dotSpice (.Spice)

During the summer of 2008 we started recording compositions for an Album to be called "First Steps" with dotSpice. The project will not succeed in the end because the bassist no longer had time to devote himself to music, taken in his studies. Initially it was him, Julien Lafosse, who initiated this album project. It's life! We must not stay on regrets. I have no regrets. You always have to keep moving forward, exploring new paths, new things.

The first track released was "Road To India", a trip hop rock dub composition. I worked two hours before rendering my guitar parts on a demo that was already well advanced in terms of arrangement. A great grooving bass line, nice brass interventions.. then a bass slide solo in reverse mode. Mean the track was reversed after recording as an effect. Julien clearly had genius in originality. The next day the track was mixed, finished. As it is.

Road To India: this version is a 2013 remastered (by Woodoo Prod). The track is mixed differently.

"Ruins Of Ur" followed very quickly the next day, or 2 days later. I can't remember well. A solid Reggae Rock pulse, where he gave me space to record some really good guitar parts: themes or solos. Same process, I worked a couple of hours and recorded my parts on the fly. On some parts the guitar is slightly out of tune, but this does not affect the song. On the contrary it brings a special texture. I love this reggae beat on time 2 and 4. Sounds like the band "The Police". And the guitar effect like a lion at the end of the cycle. Great! The next day the track was produced, and finished. As it is.

Ruins of Ur

After these two "First Steps", Julien sent me a short demo with a chords intro, some bass parts and keyboard, saying: "I don't know what we can do with that. I'm not sure about it. Feel free to work on it, then let me know..". I said him: "I feel it really good, let me work on it and see what we can bring. This chords progression is very good!" And the downtempo track "Nebula" was in progress. As Julien was no longer available,studying, as I previously mentioned it, I sent him a demo with the guitars in December 2008. He really liked it, and then I took time to record the final parts. I also fully produced this one. The two first are produced by Julien. The final track of "Nebula" was released in April 2009. We feel that there is more work on this composition.


For the titles of the songs, Julien chose them. I still don't know what idea he had in mind, by the way. 12 years after, I often say to myself: "That's good, that was really good stuff!!". The project was really off to a good start. So that's what's left of it. Officially: these three pieces. I still have some good demos, unfinished tracks or basic ideas on a backup drive, recorded during the winter 2008/2009. So. Who knows..

My fav is Nebula. But they are all good! We were thinking of recording 7-10 tracks before releasing the Album under the name "First Steps".

Download the tracks for Free!

Fun fact: We worked through the internet, we never met, irl.

Another very important fact: the summer 2008 marked my official return to the world of music after a break of almost 10 years. dotSpice sparked the urge to create again. The first Alchemic Journey compositions were also born that summer, then the Solar Phasing idea was emerging, too.

See you on the next episode! :0)

About Alchemic Journey, who was at the start a solo project, and then a rock band since 2014, mainly focused now on Progressive Rock.


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Written by   154
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Hey man! Thank you very much! Glad you enjoyed it. :0)

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