My first crowdfunding campaign stats!

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Hello friends,

I launched a GoFundMe crowdfunding campaign to raise funds to replace studio monitors that have dropped out. Obviously, all participants have a counterpart, my next album: "Electronic Patterns", and much more depending on the donation. I'm going through a really very difficult period from a financial point of view, so I said to myself why not do a crowdfunding campaign. Maybe I should have read some articles on this, on how to do it right. But, it's a humble experience. Learning.

"It is practice makes perfect".

No matter the amount given, I intend to offer the album "Electronic Patterns" in return. It seems fair to me. I will edit my article on GoFundMe to clarify it.

My minds? Raising funds is not easy. Even if I gave myself 2 months to collect the necessary sum, the game is not won. It started on may 18, 2020.

Funds needed: 250€ ($281,38)

Funds raised: GoFundMe: 80€ ($90.04). ReadCash: 0.025 BCH ($6.03). Cent: 0.035 ETH ($8.33) Bandcamp: $10. Hive: $6.61.

Total raised: $121,01

I appeal to ReadCash members who would like to support my fundraising campaign. Feel free to send me a donation in Bitcoin Cash to this address: Then, tell me the tx of the transaction in a message on this article. I would add you to the list of beneficiaries of the Album and the different bonuses. I thank you in advance! :0) Note, that you can tip directly here, Readcash will have some support too!

When you are an experimental electronic music composer, the wave of Berlin School music is very inspiring. It has a definite influence. Anchored. With "Electronic Patterns", I want to pay tribute to all these artists who offer us wonderful musical journeys.

I released a new Teaser yesterday. The track will conclude the Album. It's called Going Home. More to come very soon!

Support me on GoFundme:

See you soon.. Read Cash Explorers!

With #Love! :0)
Thank you very much for your support.

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nice campaign sir hopefully some could recognize this

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2 years ago

How long did it take you to earn that on cents and how? I can't handle the new cent at all.

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3 years ago

Hey man, For the Cent part rised here, 0.035 ETH, it was a cool user loving the project and my music who seeded me, to help my crowdfunding campaign (2 seeds, but counted as one. because it's the same user).

But yes, the system changed on Cent. Now you have a tip system too. Something similar like here on Read Cash. You can tip cents of ETH if you like some content. Seeding is still available.

Cent 2.0 was a little bit a little destabilizing at the level of the publication of an article, because we had to understand that it worked in blocks, a bit like a Wordpress. With for example: a text block, an image block, a text block, a video block. There has been an update recently which simplifies the publication process without however removing this concept of blocks. ABout how to navigate on Cent, it's a choice they made, I think. We can like it or not. But it's not really ergonomic. You can give it a new try to check out all this new stuff.

Thank you so much for your support! :0)

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3 years ago

It is a good initiative and I believe that the good people of would assist. Keep doing the good job.

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3 years ago

Hello, Thank you very much for your message! :0) Always keeping positive.

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3 years ago

You are welcome all the time. Just continue to put in your best. Thanks for the reply.

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3 years ago

Pleasure. You're welcome! :0)

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3 years ago