Drifting [Space Opera Music]

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Logbook – Entry 3659

As the vessel is slowly drifting in a unknown deep space, I wonder if the earth is still blue. After all these years. If birds are still singing in the early morning. At the daybreak. When the sun start to shine. Can we really remember the sound of the rain, or of the wind. We followed the footsteps of these explorers, before us, and we lost ourself, too. Drifting..

A Space Opera from the my first EP "Relics". Release: September 21, 2017.

These compositions were recorded in 2009 in France for a scifi space opera musical storyboard. The project was aborted. I published what was the start of Solar Phasing music work on september 2017. As "Relics". The very first Solar Phasing composition.

It's good to know all the sound textures and layers of these recordings on Relics have been done with only free VSTs/VSTis. Feel free to ask me if you like a particular sound layer.

Space Drift took me more than a week to be finished. But like many other of my works, the simplicity of the melody and the atmosphere, is the master piece.

I hope you will enjoy the space journey.

Bonjour! :0) Bonne semaine.

See you soon! Much Love
Thank you very much for your support.

Juan, @SolarPhasing

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now playing soundcloud nice music sir

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