As a guitarist, how I approach the sound

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2 years ago
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As a guitarist, how I approach the sound? Here is the chain of effects I currently use, both on stage and in rehearsal with the Alchemic Journey Band:

My Mexican Fender Strat from 1995. Red Color! We can consider it's a Vintage Model now! My second guitarist also lends me his in rehearsal and in concert too, a superb Fender Stratocaster replica model 57. But.. More about Guitars, next time..

Fender Strat Mexican from 1995: a huge one! A birthday gift from my son Mik :0)

Here is my effects chain:

From the Fender Stratocaster Guitar (I use two that are totally different in pickup sound and tone range).

I use the Boss Blues Driver BD2 pedal as a first effect to boost the signal of the Fender Deluxe Tube Amp. Around 40/45% of Drive gain, sometimes even less. This allows me to have a sound going from a very warm Clear to a Crunchy, to a good Rock/Blues Overdrive. All this is managed by the volume of the guitar and the dynamics of the pick play.

The second effect on the chain is an Overdrive pedal too, the Screamin' Blues one from Digitech, the boost for solos*, and some more saturated parts. Means the two Overdrive are "On"! The treble tone is at 0 (i.e. 7pm) and the bass tone at about 2am. Very important to get a warm and round overdrive with my sound configuration. Kind of Vintage sound for the two Overdrive pedals.

Then I go to the Modulations pedal, a brilliant Donner Pedal with 7 different modulation types: Chorus (2 modes), Phaser, Tremolo, Vibrato, Flanger, etc.. I only use 2 or 3 of these: mainly the Flanger but only to give a deph, not a full Flanger sound.. and the Tremolo. I like the Tremolo on some specific parts. I also use the Vibrato effect to detune a little to give a small "space bubble effect" on one track. Playing Arpeggios. The Pedal is set of the manner I just have to select the right effect, and It's good!

To the Donner Delay now, which I specifically use only on a few pieces, and judiciously. Very simple to adjust and effective. Good quality/price.

And finally, I plug into a Digitech Digital Reverb, depending on the track I use different settings: Hall Short, Plate Short, Hall Long, etc. And I play with the level of reverberation depending on the track. Always very short reverb with the exception of one or two tracks, with a very long reflection reverb for the colour of the song.

*Ok, I have one more, and in fact before all these.. It's a Wah Behringer Pedal, a very versatil Wah pedal. I use it as Wah, yes, but I mainly use it as a Treble Booster when I'm chorusing. This one is very important because just plugged in it , it give a special tone I have since years. It also allows me to control feedback perfectly! And I love that. :0)

Then to the Tube Amp. The Fender Deluxe is set with a volume between 1 and 2 following the environment, if you push it more, you can bye bye to your ears! haha..

I will detail in another article the setup I use in Home Studio Works, based on Ik Multimedia Fender Amps. Sometimes used on stage too.

The Volca Modular have nothing to do here! :0))

In short, I like what is simple but effective. The multi-effects all integrated distort the dynamics of the sound quite a bit, in my opinion.

Do you play guitar too? Let Me know what kind of stuff you use.. :0)

See you.. soon! BCH Friends Rockers! :0)

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June 18, 2021
Last year, I played with this Telecaster all the concerts.

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2 years ago
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Super interesting. I used to produce electronic music with Reason. I know nothing about Guitars. But about chaining delays, reverbs, chorus-flanger, distort, ... the "Effects Chain" as you call it. Very interesting read. Keep doing music, its very good to listen to.

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2 years ago

Hey man, Thank you to take time to read this publication! I'm glad you enjoyed. I'm happy to know you produce music too. Let me know where to listen it!! I will do it with pleasure. :0)

You can find my Electronic Music as Solar Phasing here: or there:

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2 years ago

(Orbital Phase Ancient World Heart Story Cold Star Earth Message Moon Dance Mirror Space Electron Edge Galaxy) ==> Un beau nuage de mots!

Here's a link to one that I like. It also shows the audio FX chains and all the other machines in the rack:

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2 years ago

I really like that! Great stuff.. :0) Sounds like old "chicago acid house". Very good music!

I sub, and over odysee too. Thank you very much.

Si on colle (Orbital Phase Ancient World Heart Story Cold Star Earth Message Moon Dance Mirror Space Electron Edge Galaxy) dans un traducteur, effectivement, le résultat est vraiment sympa. (Et surprenant, pour moi).

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2 years ago

Haha! Thanks. The inspiration is from Montreal which was big with Chicago sounds and psy-trance in the 1990s. Yeah I wanted to tell you about Odysee so you can post your songs there also. And I mean (well you probably know it already...) you can upload your videos, your mp3 and even articles like this in 'markdown' format. And create multiple channels. Cool stuff!

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2 years ago