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Staring through my rearview!

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2 months ago


Hello friends,

After a long time and a long journey, I would not like to say goodbye to this year with one last article to thank all the people who have contributed directly or indirectly to the growth of Team Ryver Venezuela and Asia during 2020, it has been a year full of emotions and adapting to different challenges in times of pandemic and uncertainty.

Merry Christmas from Venezuela

Once again I can say that despite having been a difficult year for humanity and constant changes, the imperative need for a good money has been demonstrated more than ever, FIAT money in the hands of political interests is collapsing and the truth is everyday more difficult to hide, there are many more people who want to take economic power away from politicians.

We need to continue bring a message of hope accompanied by Bitcoin Cash to the people, a decentralized cryptocurrency, protected from hidden interests and without off-chain solutions that push us to a fee market in parallel through unclear development agendas or auditable ones.

Bitcoin Cash is the perfect tool that has helped us break down barriers and sow hope in an inclusive way since 2019 when we decided to hear what people think about BCH from there, everything started, and to this day we continue to promote an organic evolution in each one of the cultures that we integrate in Team Ryver. Our premise is to offer opportunities to those who try to escape from traditional economic schemes manipulated by politics.

Bitcoin Cash has managed to overcome a new hard fork that will have greater stability and cohesion for its decentralized development groups, during approximately 10 months of drama new bridges have continued to be built based on a lot of uncertainty, platforms such @Read.Cash as have played an important role to unite the miners with the community, although perhaps "cohesion" is a very hasty term, but at least the miners know much better what the community thinks rather than just listen to the developers, this platform has made them more aware of the power they have and that they should have a more leading role.

This will allow miners in the immediate future to be more protagonists in development decisions, to know and support what are the needs proposed by developers, market and users to be developed and to make the cryptocurrency they are mining more useful. In a multipolar world, talking about generic solutions is a bit hasty, but plans must start with something and then adapt these proposals to each culture.

BCH Grow & Learn!

Although obviously each culture has its peculiarities and what may be productive in Venezuela possibly in another culture is not, so it is necessary to evaluate the geographical conditions, demand and technological access of each community, before rushing to offer a solution for everyone.

This has been a continuous learning, and it is what leads me many times to look back, to see where I come from and what we have traveled to know where I want to go. Knowing different perspectives and cultures has helped us to have a more global vision of the problems.

In some societies, Bitcoin Cash is a necessity to protect their savings from a constant devaluation, for others it is an alternative option to invest and protect the privacy of each person, but each time those who have governmental and economic power seem more concerned when seeing emerging options that give more individual power and less power to politicians. Bitcoin Cash as money without borders, fast, reliable and at a very low cost is Sound money for everyone.

Each society has its different needs and priorities to demand services that are integrated with the solutions that Bitcoin Cash can offer. Among the challenges and possible solutions it is necessary to integrate the use of SLP Tokens to adoption, Team Ryver has currently proposed using them as a mechanism to finance emerging groups such as Ryver Asia and distribute dividends from their activities as freelancers, on the other hand, to integrate them as a mechanism voting for activities such as the "MythBusting 2020" challenge as well as in the future reward merchants through SLP tokens for the use of Bitcoin Cash and their organic growth in volume. Greater use and greater support is a motivational plan where we all win in the ecosystem.

Bella from Hong Kong (AFC token Freelancer)

The SLP Tokens will lead the exchange of the future, as actions that preserve the value of the activities that surround it and of the different communities that build their projects directly or indirectly related to BCH, it is an investment beyond the value of the cryptocurrency.

The market for NFTs (NFT1) on Bitcoin Cash is beginning to open up new opportunities for artists, gamers and collectors who begin to see an opportunity for adoption in Bitcoin Cash and at a much lower price than in the ETH network.

Team Ryver Asia Paper wallets

The constant exchange and circulation of these tokens are what will allow to give a real use to these proposals, the SLP and NFT1 tokens offer us a diversity of uses to create and promote adoption. Among the variety of options and projects that can be developed, not all of them must be closely related to Bitcoin Cash but if they can be financed to be a cornerstone in the growth of the BCH ecosystem in each society, it is not only about creating the best application it is also about creating the greatest diversity of opportunities for the adoption of Bitcoin Cash by listening to people.

Our efforts are small and show what a group with its own initiative can do and a sample to motivate more people to create their initiatives, The set of efforts and development of all is what will allow us to take advantage of this opportunity to create the effect of network to make Bitcoin Cash more accessible and useful for everyone in 2021. Staring through my rearview I can only thank to 2020.

Team Ryver Venezuela and Asia wish you Happy 2021!


Borderless money for Everyone!

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Written by   640
2 months ago
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Let us make 2021 a borderless year for financing our lives with BCH. Live well and prosper in your journeys.

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Gracias por escribir este post y que tengamos un año radiante para todos , quede interesado en el comercio de NFT en bitcoin cash tienes mas informacion al respecto.

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