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Ryver Asia in LOVE with BCH

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Pursuing and overcoming challenges is a process of constant evolution and growth, this spirit of growth is the same that has managed to demonstrate that we have a decentralized and strengthened community to protect us from any change that wishes to divide or hijack BitcoinCash.

The Bitcoin Cash adoption and expansion process requires a formula that includes incredible developers for safe and reliable applications, entrepreneurs that allow a sustainable development of the usability of BCH and users that can earn and spend BCH in daily basis.

Promotion work requires perseverance and dedication, and even more so for an independent group where decisions are made on the fly. Since we agreed to support this project every day has been satisfactory in many ways. Try to reach people with ideas that promote solutions to problems we face every day, make Bitcoin Cash a known term, listen to opinions, resolve concerns and focus on education as the main thing. It has been the development of the base to project an organic ecosystem for its adoption.

Never imagine being able to convince a lot of people, 15,000 kilometers away to accept Bitcoin Cash. Today barely (07) months later the team is growing and more people reach us to know about BCH in Asia.

But it is not just about approaching and showing how Bitcoin Cash works, it is about create awareness and how to use the power that a cryptocurrency gives us not dominated by any central entity and not following the paradigm of a currency managed for the benefit of the governments.

Currently there are many actors who try to use cryptocurrencies only as a way to speculate about their future prices, but very few leaders are hovering the separation of the currency and the state.

Opening opportunities to people from regions where censorship and restrictions have tried to threaten freedom of thought will help us build indestructible bridges resistant to Internet censorship, helping everyone to overcome distance, and language barriers across the world. It is the true essence of sound money for everyone.

During (07) months we have managed to meet and integrate more people who want to show the human side of Bitcoin Cash in Hong Kong and China, with people motivated to make known the message of freedom that Bitcoin Cash keeps.

It is not an easy task integrate ideas beyond language barriers, different heritages and time zone differences between Venezuela and Asia.

Our main goal is offering content in the language of the Region to make the use of Bitcoin Cash much more understandable and easy for all the people in Asia, going to the streets to spread the word about our tool of freedom.

Possibly in this initial process we are still far from making Bitcoin Cash the most used cryptocurrency by all, but this process will be catalyzed as we continue to create more Bitcoin Cash communities around the world, it is everyone's job and we are delivering the best of us day a day to build a better world with Bitcoin Cash.

Bitcoin Cash has come our way to solve problems and make dreams come true. uniting people with different languages, ways of thinking, cultures and lifestyles on a voluntary basis.

Laying the foundations for adoption in a market for remittances or external contributions will generate a constant dependence in the future and will not offer an endogenous diversification of possibilities that guarantee a continuity of use. From this an idea is born that I have called the recycled movement and is what that will allow the BCH life cycle in the cryptocurrency ecosystems of each local community.

The union of everyone's knowledge in the same direction will help the BCH to get closer to the needs of everyone, we must celebrate our differences, open the debate and learn from the opposing arguments, without forgetting that we all want P2P electronic money for the world and it is that make us allies in a common goal.

The guarantee of having a better BCH for the future starts with what we do today, starting by financing developers and freelancers, will open doors to a world of greater opportunities for all through BCH and will be a daily added value that will allow us in the future have sound money for everyone.

Special thanks to Majamalu for your endeless support to Ryver Asia.

We are building more bridges from South America to Asia in LOVE with BCH.

Sofia 💚

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Written by   649
1 week ago
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