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Incentivizing the Hunt of myths - MYTHHUNTER SLP token

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2 months ago

Lead image by Arteem Maltsev

Encouraging people to join this challenge will be further proof that the Bitcoin Cash community has no limits to overcome language or geographic barriers, helping everyone to have better holidays by learning that BitcoinCash is the real Bitcoin.

SLP tokens is the right way!

I've created a reward token called MYTHHUNTER .


I will hand these out to contributors to the myth busting effort, and whoever receives some is of course free to do with them whatever they want, including

  • Keeping them

  • Passing some on to their friends or relatives

  • Don't burn, please.

But what are they good for?

These tokens are intended as a reward token, and for dividends issued by anyone feeling generous toward the mythbusting effort (using a tool like ).

The best way to understand the importance of SLP token is the distribution of wealth trough these token wich are actions that you can obtain by participating in this challenge, the next 14 days tokens will be send to all qualified post until deadline December 30 January 30 (12:00 GMT) . 2 BCH WILL BE DISTRIBUTED AMONG ALL MYTHHUNTER HOLDERS 12 Hours after the deadline. All qualified posts will be in the ranking Post.

How is it going to work?

There is a fixed supply of 1.000.000 MythHunter tokens

Step 1 - you contribute something to the myth-busting effort. It can be anything that's meaningful - an idea, a correction, a researched factoid, a diagram, links to resources, an entire article. Whatever helps bust a myth that's on the list.

Step 2 - you notify @SofiaCBCH via a roadmap post comment or any other comment I'm likely to see on this platform.

Step 3 - you provide an SLP receiving address

Step 4 - if I find your contribution valuable, you receive MYTHHUNTER tokens from @SofiaCBCH Anyone else can of course also give you some, once you have published an SLP address for receiving them

Step 5 - you may receive other tokens or BCH to your address at random times when someone does a dividend payout.

How do I get an SLP address for receiving tokens?

Get a Bitcoin Cash wallet that supports SLP (SimpleLedger Protocol) tokens.

I recommend either the, Crescent Cash wallet or Electron Cash SLP edition. If you know of any other good ones, let me know in the comments, and you can earn your first reward!

How many tokens will I get for contributing something?

That remains at the discretion of whoever is handing them out, but I suggest a kind of logarithmic scale for contributions:

10000 tokens: Articles is the main way to debunk Myths! Each qualified post will be rewarded with MythHunter SLP plus some BCH.

5000 tokens: Videos, you can debunk the Myth of Bitcoin is a SOV just recoding a video spending some BCH as realiable, cheap and fast MoE or debunking another myth. Each qualified post will be rewarded with MythHunter SLP plus some BCH.

1500 to 2500 tokens: Pics or Infographics, you can onboard people, merchants trying to debunk the myth that Cryptocurrencies are mostly useful for law breaking showing how BCH changes people lives or posting a nice infographic debunking a myth. Each qualified post will be rewarded with MythHunter SLP plus some BCH.

1000 tokens: Comment and little contibutions like good feedback that helps improve existing content.

All exceed tokens remaining after the deadline in this address simpleledger:qpdqddzw4uctpypjga34apuyv3u2kczg5guy98yvnv will be burned before 2 BCH dividends distribution.

The scale is sliding, and amounts in between these points may be chosen according to own judgment of the value of a contribution.

That's all for now~ Bitcoin Cash is Magic!

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Written by   640
2 months ago
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