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Flipstarter Paper: 72 hours & 3% Completed

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Hello friends!

Today I want to share our experience in creating our first fundraising campaign through Flipstarter.

This tool is open to all and was the pioneer for financing BitcoinCash developer nodes through voluntary donations, an unprecedented fact that highlights the decentralized development of the cryptocurrency.

For about a month it has been open for the creation of campaigns in Digital Ocean. Since July 10 we started our campaign "Cultura BCH Ryver Venezuela Organic Education and Adoption"

In the first 72 hours we have received donations from (08) people and we have achieved our first BCH, but we still have a long way to go.

You are our heroes, each contribution of yours keeps us hoping to reach the goal that allows us to comply with the planned roadmap.

Share experience

For those who want to implement a Flipstarter Campaign we will make some recommendations to save time and trouble in the future, here we will summarize some key points.

Web domain

Invest in the purchase of a domain to host your website in which your campaign will be developed, the perfect option is

From it with a very simple interface and really easy steps you can configure the domain and DNS. The domain prices vary according to their extension but they are really cheap and you can pay with BCH.


This recommendation by @nyusternie it is very successful, it is only necessary to handle the syntax to enter images through Markdown and the URL.

An important tip is to choose the URL link correctly and thus avoid placing a link that does not work, this can be identified by free hosting services such as, here is an example of the correct link to host your image, not copy the main link, copy the one that will appear in BBCode.

For Example:

For the correct link is the second in the BBCode option.

For example:

This way you can identify the correct URL and you can use it to upload the image of your campaign in Flipstarter, as well as to add images in Markdown with the syntax.



In any Markdown Online editor you can see what the result of your syntax is, one that I recommend is because it allows you to easily manage the commands and you can see the result on another screen.

Here is an example of what the result is.

This will help you create a more attractive and safe campaign much more entertaining for the reader.

Post-Start Modification

The first day we received a suggestion to change the image of the campaign because it could not be displayed correctly by the user @im_uname

This was caused by a problem with the link, in the URL image field when trying to create a campaign you must put the correct link so that the image can be displayed, in case of taking the main hosting link the image will not be observed, this is what happened to us. You can Learn from our mistakes.

Telegram @flipstarter
Telegram @flipstarter

But, can you really modify fields after the campaign started?

The answer is yes, but it is not recommended. Once the campaign is started for security, it is advisable not to modify fields in the database, thus avoiding any threat of scam or modification of the destination address of the campaign, when you must choose between esthetics and security, the best option is security.

Https (SSL)

The security protocol is very necessary and it is important to avoid many attacks, we announced it as a primary need in our pre-launch article.

It is a subject that has us in trouble we can not deny it, it has been very difficult to manage and then implement it with the help of Flipstarter Team but some traffic returned "502 error" during pledge process, on Saturday the https was disabled due to a connection problem for users who wanted to make the promise, Finally, it was suggested to disable metamask for users who used Firefox, but even https server presents traffic problems "502 error".

So we had to modify the original link for the campaign, something that undoubtedly affects us at this time. At the moment it is something that frustrates me a little but at the same time I feel good because I am sure that many will learn from our mistakes.

Sharing this experience will help other people and groups to better prepare and do better campaigns, as well as the Flipstarter team to debug and make it a really "Easy" tool for everyone.

Here are some claims for the Flipstarter group about cases that must be addressed for a better future operation and user experience.

Https problem

Error 502 Firefox

Reddit u/SofiaCBCH
Reddit u/SofiaCBCH

We thank all the users who have supported us with their comments and tips, we hope to be able to solve all the incidents that have arisen after the start of our campaign.

Remember to collaborate is very easy and any contribution is very valuable for us to reach the goal.

You just have to follow the steps described in the following link:

How support a Flipstrarter Campaign

Or you can also watch the following video from u / AD1AD "John Moriarty" thx.

Update 07/13/2020:

Goal: 31.68 BCH

Pledged: 1.51 BCH

Remaining time: 19 days

Important: Please verify that this is the address before making any pledge.

Thanks @majamalu @Keith_Patrick @nyusternie @tula_s @Grido @BCHouseVE @Omar @Stanleychriz for your tips and upvotes!

You motivate us to keep going.

We hope to bring you good news soon!

BitcoinCash sound money for everyone.






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1 month ago
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1 week ago

Thanks for this

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1 month ago

One day your hard work wi be paid off

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1 month ago

Keep sharing

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1 month ago

You are admireable being brave to start up this project. I wish all success for your campaign and hope that everyone will noticed what you are aiming and become donors.

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1 month ago

Ok best of luck.

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1 month ago

@SofiaCBCH i applaud you for being the first brave soul to launch their own Flipstarter with the new self-hosted option .. your experience will no doubt help others avoid the same pitfalls that you've encountered 👏👍

this week is especially bad for me (traveling), but I am happy to help with any of your technical issues .. I'm very familiar with the Flipstarter front/back-end code as well as Digital Ocean infrastructure (I assume that's how you deployed this), so please don't hesitate to reach out..

i wish you the best of luck 🙏

edit: okay nevermind, looks like you don't need any of my help after all .. congratulation on getting FUNDED!!! 🎉🍾👏👍

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1 month ago

You are working very hard and dedicating your time to make this project as big as possible. I'm very impressed by that and i honestly wish you all the best with what you are doing!

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1 month ago

Your overall strategy would benefit from more work and thought.

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1 month ago

Your overall strategy would benefit from more work and thought.

@georgedonnelly i agree with this statement .. however, i feel given your own extensive experiences, you could have offered at least some positive advice other than just criticism

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1 month ago

What you are not aware of is that I spent a little time counseling her many months ago. My door remains open but I can't invest time into making extreme efforts to be heard.

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1 month ago

What you are not aware of is that I spent a little time counseling her many months ago.

i see .. as i said, i did not disagree with your statement

My door remains open but I can't invest time into making extreme efforts to be heard.


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1 month ago