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BitcoinCash Ideals

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2 months ago

Propose the use of BitcoinCash in a massive way and as the perfect alternative for the money revolution of the future, goes through facing constant adversities, and to overcome them or stay involved in this idea we must show that day by day we can make the world a better place with BitcoinCash .

Possibly not everyone is willing to listen to us and moving forward is a little more difficult depending on the circumstances that surround us, but sharing the message of freedom and money without hidden agendas requires the cooperation and commitment of the leaders of this project.

Ryver Asia - Hong Kong

Staying faithful to protect BitcoinCash from exclusionary elites or leaders will allow us to get closer to those who currently place their hope in BitcoinCash as an alternative to survive, something that not many understand and continue to see this project as a hobby.

It is time to wake up and know that thanks to these ideals of freedom and voluntarism many families protect their savings from an inflationary FIAT system and the tariff scheme offered by BTC, taking refuge in BCH. We must be aware that we are building the rails for a train called BCH that will lead the world economic revolution.

Every day we invite more people to maintain hope in BitcoinCash and keep them away from the uncertainty, the same that has invaded the community during the last year, where many of us have witnessed a battle of ideas and disqualifications that have resulted in a new division of the BCH.

Ryver Asia - Hong Kong

It is necessary to keep attentive to the appearance of a new dictator or new currents that lead us to a cult of personality, we do not want to deal with a new benevolent dictator in three years and see everything built at risk.

It is time to sow hope and smiles, it is time to continue supporting efforts in every corner of the world that help promote BitcoinCash, it is not time to continue to see where BCHA or BSV is, it is time to create our own course and not repeat mistakes from the past that continue to divide us.

Approaching new cultures from our humble position has allowed us to make it possible for other people to know BCH as a way of life, each society is a different pattern of life. BCH has allowed us to build bridges and help them overcome barriers that limit their freedom.

Ryver Asia - Hong Kong

The world is full of many inequalities and limitations, many times we ignore them because we have individual criteria for problems based on our own experiences, but what for some is something common for others is an almost religious experience.

For many, eating a chocolate or accessing a video on the Internet is a routine experience, for other people in the world it is something unique and exclusive for few in their society. They are kidnapped without knowing it, just as there are many trapped in the bubbles of the banking system and credits that only guarantee the benefit of a few and the work of many to solve these debts.

Examples as simple as help people to eat 3 times a day in a country like Venezuela or receiving payments in BCH through a wallet that overcomes internet censorship in China are the small triumphs that motivate us to move on, these experiences may seem routine for many societies, but not all societies are the same, that is why BCH must adapt to each one of them, identify those problems and help people overcome them. It is what will highlight the value of Bitcoin Cash around the world, Bitcoin Cash is freedom and opportunities for all.

Ryver Asia stickers

The guarantee of having a better BCH for the future starts with what we do today, starting by financing developers and freelancers, will open doors to a world of greater opportunities for all through BCH and will be a daily added value that will allow us to the future have hard money for everyone.

We are in a unique position and opportunity, no other cryptocurrency has this scenario after a fork and it is time to take advantage of it, at this time where the federal reserve has printed more money than in all of history, almost a year after the economy of the The world has been affected by COVID-19, while BTC and ETH are colliding with absurd fees that further alienate their investors, it is time to raise the sails of the boat and highlight the ideals of Bitcoin Cash.

Ryver Asia -Hong Kong

I would not like to say goodbye without first thanking those who have constantly supported the ideas and plans of BitcoinCash Ryver, on Thanksgiving eve it is important to remember. Thanks to you Ryver Asia and AFC Token is a reality.

Sofia 💚

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Written by   639
2 months ago
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The tshirts look great, I love what you're doing! 💙

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2 months ago

"these experiences may seem routine for many societies, but not all societies are the same, that is why BCH must adapt to each one of them, identify those problems and help people overcome them."
To uncover the ways we can best help each culture wherever that may be.
peacefully yours

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2 months ago