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Wheatgrass Juice

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One daily dose of juice changes 1.5 kg of different vegetables!

Fresh juice has a much stronger concentration of nutrients than ordinary leaf powder because cold squeezing completely removes solid fibers!

Doctor and biochemist Dr. T. Ernst also discovered the anticancer vitamin B17 (leatril) in wheatgrass. A study in Israel on 60 patients diagnosed with breast cancer showed that wheatgrass juice can reduce the negative effects caused by chemotherapy.

The fresh juice of Spelta grass cures

1. Cleanses and strengthens the blood, because green juice has 70 percent chlorophyll, chlorophyll contains the core of magnesium, and hemoglobin (in human blood) contains the core of iron. Chlorophyll and proteins give hemoglobin. The number of red blood cells returns to normal very quickly.

2. Chlorophyll is antibacterial, and cleanses our body both externally (baths) and inside even of heavy metals from the intestines, and science has proven that chlorophyll stops the growth and development of unwanted bacteria, liquid chlorophyll penetrates tissues, purifies and restores, rinses drug residues from the body, chlorophyll helps cleanse the liver.

3. In green juice (originally cultivated subspecies of wheat unchanged from 100 years ago) found more than 100 elements needed by man. If grown on organic soil, it absorbs 92 out of 102 known minerals from the soil, inorganic vegetables from the market yield only 17-51.

4. It is rich in various enzymes, the juice has over 300 enzymes, even the rare ones we had only at birth.

5. It raises the alkaline environment in the body, thus preventing the appearance of cancer that cannot develop in that environment. An aid in the treatment of cancer!

6. Improves fertility (High content of magnesium in chlorophyll builds enzymes that restore sex hormones).

7. It is rich in protein

8. Helps regulate body weight

9. Raises energy levels, reduces the negative effects of chemotherapy

10. Slows down the aging process

11. Reduces inflammation, melts cysts on ovaries and kidneys with green spelled juice

12. Cleanses the skin and removes unpleasant odors

13. Lowers blood sugar

14. Fresh green juice is raw chlorophyll and can be taken orally without any toxic effects.

15. It contains a lot of oxygen. The brain and all body tissues function optimally with a high percentage of oxygen.

16. Lowers high blood pressure and strengthens capillaries.

17. Excellent help with skin problems such as eczema or psoriasis.

18. Prevents the growth of gray hair, restores hair to its natural color.

19. Excellent for purulent gingivitis.

20. Enema-shaped green juice implants are excellent for cleaning and detoxifying the intestinal walls.


You will need about a kilogram of wheat to make this juice. You need to sow it at home first.

Sow wheat in shallow pots or pots and leave it by the window to have enough light.

Don't forget - water it regularly.

When the wheat grass reaches a height of about ten centimeters, cut it with scissors and squeeze it in a juicer.

Mix green grain juice with lemon juice and pour into a bag or ice bucket.

Be sure to keep it in the freezer.

Wheatgrass squeezed in a quality juicer gives a real wealth of nutrients. It contains chlorophyll, a complete spectrum of proteins, many vitamins, including Vitamin A, C and E. That is why choosing the right device is very important, because not everyone can squeeze wheat well.


Don't let wheatgrass juice repel you in any way, it is healing and there are numerous health benefits to reject it just like that. Don't give up because of color or name, believe me you have no reason to.

Wheatgrass has quite a decent, even more pleasant taste like sweet peas!


For the very end, we have prepared this great recipe for making wheatgrass juice, which has a very pleasant taste. It is an interesting shake, which is prepared in less than 5 minutes.

Here's what we need:

Wheatgrass - 100 grams,

Two bananas,

One Green Apple,

Half a cup of water.

Recipe preparation:

Squeeze the grass in a juicer, then put the previously peeled bananas in a blender. Add diced apples, water and the previously obtained green grain juice. When the mixture is well mixed and combined, pour it into a suitable container.

Wheatgrass juice made in this way is stored in the refrigerator. Pleasant!

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E moram da vam kazem da sam probala ovo...Nije toliko strasnog ukusa.....I to sam probala kad sam šišala pšenicu za Božić. Doduse napravila sam jako malo, jednu kafenu soljicu. Ako se zanemare neke stvari, tipa, necu da pasem travu, to je bljak, onda i nije toliko strasno..Ali zato ovaj sejk vredi cesce piti.

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1 month ago

Smoothies are a great way to get the highest possible dose of folic acid. A lot of folic acid is found in green leafy vegetables and raw fruits. Folic acid is soluble in water and very sensitive to heat. So if you soak or cook vegetables for too long, destroy them, and in the smoothie, the vegetables are raw. And not only are smoothies a healthy breakfast, if you add flakes to them, they also satiate.

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1 month ago

joj sestro slatka sve si ti ovo super i napisala i objasnila al ja ti ovo ne bi popio da mi platis

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1 month ago

Ne vidim da je baš strašno!

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1 month ago

Very interesting health tips nice one thanks for sharing

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Jako dobri recepti za koje nisam znao pogotovo od pšenice.

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1 month ago

Drago,nadam se daceć neki smućkati.Živeli!

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1 month ago

Cula sam o tome pogotovo je dobro od mladih izdanaka.

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1 month ago

Misliš na pšenične klice,da,sve se kanim da počnem da uzgajam,cedim i brinem o svom zdravlju!

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