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Real values

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5 months ago

This is an extremely personal and inappropriate statement for public use, written under a rather strong rush of emotions and a high amount of adrenaline.I'm thinking about what I don't know. I don't know how to develop pie crusts, I don't know English, I don't know how to play tango, I don't know the name of the actor from the series I adore, I don't know how to drive a car...I don't know much. I don't even know what I don't know.

But I know how dreams come true. And for me, that is somehow enough to live here and now and be happy. Not to me because of me, but because I was tonight with people who think and live just like me.With people who believe in true human values.With people who pray like me: that the missing young Matthew be found alive,To stop the madness of the virus, to stop the war ... to stop hatred and primitivism... We have not forgotten the true values. They are never and never will be of a material nature. They are intangible and sublime, they are precious, and they are wealth in us. We cannot see them with the naked eye. They got lost in this time, in this moment of our existence?

They are not, they are just extreme. There they are, in us, around us. We have to wake them up and get them back to where they belong. We must return to the very beginning of the human race, human nature, existence and survival. This place is the foundation.

Right now, I say only right now, because I cannot and will never come to terms with primitivism in its worst form, which has prevailed in these bad years.

From the point of view of sociology, primitivism is described as a social relationship in ancient, ancient, primitive social cultures, which had, although less civilized than today's man, their laws, rules of conduct and were rich in spiritual values ​​and respected it. Here, however, I am talking about another type of primitivism, related to large urban areas, for today, where primitives believe that with devalued ways of behaving, the easiest way to succeed with the masses is to destroy the basic postulates of human values. They hope that their primitivism will be recognized as avant-garde and progress.

I no longer want to be a part of that placed dirt that spins before our eyes every day. It is enough to just turn on the TV, rummage through social networks and we are already part of that machinery, which swallows and imposes. Conceived and abused with the task of devaluing people, their previous way of thinking and imposing simple, full of ignorance and by current standards of correct behavior.

Media in the service of the dark, the bad, the unworthy!

I turned off the TV a long time ago.

I no longer want that poisoning and incitement to inhumanity, where man is a wolf to man.

Let me be stupid and naive, but here I draw the line, I will follow myself and those values ​​that I believe can keep me, an individual, and as a part of the human race on the surface.

Goodness is despised, that is, devalued. All those sublime and intangible values ​​of the human spirit - such as courage, honesty, fidelity, unconditional friendship and love - are ridiculed today, they are not popular. All that matters is how many people you cheated on. If you cheated a lot of people and made money while doing so, then you are anointed and very smart. That way you get points, and no one will despise you. Or, if you do it long enough, even those who have despised you will initially agree that you have succeeded. Today, theses have been replaced, and in today's value system, goodness borders on stupidity. That is disastrous, and that is why we will pay tribute, and then we will have to return to true values, because they are the only foundation of human existence .

I give you a handful of photos of my city and snow.

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Written by   376
5 months ago
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A very nice summary of thoughts and like countless times so far, we are again at a similar wavelength. One detail in particular caught my attention, and that was that you said you turned off the TV. The same is the case with me and I can tell you that my life has become much better since then.

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5 months ago

Thank you for the comment. TV terrifies me. As the new year has begun, I only listen to news that throws me into depression.

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5 months ago