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5 months ago

At the end of the week, before the weekend, I always read crypto news. I am especially interested in artists about NFT. I love that artists from countries that would not otherwise be in the center of interest get the opportunity to have their works noticed all over the world.That's why I share this news because it's interesting!

The world has gone crazy for non-fungible tokens (NFT).It includes artists, Ethereum, large sums of money, rich athletes, rappers, and contradictory statements by wise crypto-bosses and techno-wizards.Non-fungible refers to the fact that it mediates data that “lives” on the blockchain and is unique. This uniqueness is expressed by the fact that there is an "original" and thus it is suitable for recording various forms of ownership, identity, rights.One of the first attempts to keep people entertained on the blockchain was the CryptoKitties project. Carefree in 2017, Axiom Zen came up with the idea to make a simple game that could take place online on Ethereum. They wrote the DNA of virtual cats in the 256-bit "genome". Unlike other, already existing games that deal with virtual pets, crypto-cats had characteristics; colors of fur, eyes, patterns, etc. that were - recorded on the blockchain and built into a smart contract, represented by a token according to the ERC-721 standard.

This practically meant that each cat was unique and that there would be a limited number of them in total (around 4 billion). The tokenization of cats brought proof of ownership, turned every virtual animal into a unique and as such - precious - part of the virtual collection.The game gathered over a million and a half users who generated a turnover of some $ 40 million, and in November 2018. Although the average price of one machete was around $ 70, certain kittens were also sold for six-figure sums.CryptoKitties caused Ethereum- congestion, and miners had to react and literally change network rules. In addition to increasing restrictions, this game has sparked interest in digital collecting and blockchain games. It enabled the existence of markets such as OpenSea and RareBits, and brought NFT closer to the popularity it enjoys today.

After the initial craze for CryptoKitties, and similar projects that emerged from this game, NFT began to interest art collectors. First of all, in the form of a good way to prove the uniqueness and uniqueness of the collection. And then artists started to be interested in NFT.Just as a reproduction of the Mona Lisa or "Starry Night" by Vincent Van Gogh can hang on someone's wall. So anyone, or at least someone, can own a copy of a digital work of art. That is why the one who is the owner of the REAL Mona Lisa or the REAL painting of Mr. Vincent, wants, must, wants, longs to have PROOF that his art is real justice, unrepeatable. That is why you can buy a copy printed on glossy paper for a hundred dinars, and the original is in the museum, and the value is - invaluable.

If you are an artist, you live in a time when it is possible to finally protect your work, and really live from your (digital) art. I especially like the property of NFT, more precisely the contract that allows each transfer of ownership or each use to bring a certain amount of money to the author.

The most skilled and fastest will use their interest in NFT works of art. First of all, because it is still going on and will not end soon, and then also because collecting has existed in art since it became an artist.

Edward Snowden released NFT under the title “Stay Free”. The auction was quite exciting, and in the last minutes the token reached a value of $ 5.44 million.

The competition was organized on the OpenSea and Foundation platforms, and the winner is an unnamed rich man under the username @PleasrDAO. Although Beeple sold its collection for a slightly higher price, this Snowden NFT broke the record for being the most expensive single token that went to the drum. Snowden will donate all the proceeds from the auction of comrades to the Freedom of the Press Foundation, of which he is a board of directors. The image NFT points to is a shaded Snowden figure versus court documents, and at the bottom of the image is his signature.

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Written by   365
5 months ago
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