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My trip and crypto news

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8 months ago

I haven't received the advice given by @TheRandomRewander Bot for 6 months.I have been spam for 6 months.However, I did not leave the platform and gave up because I believe in BCH and #ClUB 1 BCH.Maybe one day something will change.Life is a Miracle!

Today I read interesting crypto news.

Facebook's new digital wallet is called - New. The social media giant has chosen Coinbase to be a partner in this pilot project. The main goal of the project is the cross-border money market. In that sense, the New app is open to a small number of users in Guatemala and the United States. Users can buy a stablecoin Pax Dollar (USDP) that maintains a 1: 1 parity with the US dollar, and send it to each other.Coinbase, as one of the strongest crypto-exchanges, has been selected as a depository institution. This means that all transactions are "anchored" with this company, using their technology, storage and data management, ie the entire infrastructure. This will be handled by Coinbase Custody, which has been in the deposit business for the past nine years, taking care of about $ 180 billion in cryptocurrencies.More about this news at the following link.

I was in Belgrade these days. I was solving some obligations and walking.I haven't walked so many kilometers since the COVID19 pandemic started.I'm giving you pictures from the trip and a little story with them.

In Belgrade, one pleasant day.I am in a mexican restaurant ZAPATA.I have completed an important job and am now enjoying it .We ordered the dish ,, Enchilada San Jose ".These are tortillas stuffed with roast beef.Lots of spices, vegetables and salsa picante.We didn't drink tequila.So we listened to Mexican music.Wonderful songs ,, Besame mucho ",,, Granada" ,,, La bamba ".The restaurant has beautiful photos of the Mexican landscape and a sombrero in every corner.

I visited the Moskva Hotel in Belgrade. It is the most important architectural gem of the Serbian capital. It was built in the style of the Russian Art Nouveau. It used to be called the Palace of Russia." This hotel is visited by many famous people ... Albert Einstein, Indira Gandhi, Ray Carls, Maxim Gorky, Kirk Douglas, Leonid Brezhnev ... Construction lasted 3 years from 1905 to 1908. The project was designed by 6 architects from Russia, Austria and Hungary and the Kingdom of Serbia.

I visited my Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade.Long ago were my student days.The most beautiful time ,full of enthusiasm ,optimism and hope.Today marks the 177 th anniversary of the birth of Friedrich Nice.His beautiful sentence is on my mind .I am the forest and the night of the dark tree.But whoever is not afraid of my darkness will find shades of roses under my cypresses.

Why do you think the sky is blue?Is it blue because of the blue of the vast oceans?Or are the oceans blue because of the blue sky?One beautiful weekend in Belgrade with blue skies.People themselves are like trees.On the one hand, they are deeply rooted in the ground, unable to move, to take a step that will set them apart from the others.On the other hand, man is eternally striving and striving for heights, striving for ideals, searching for the border, trying to touch the sky.I love Emily Dickinson’s lyrics. "There is another sky, always calm, blue, clear. There is another sun and through it the grains of darkness ".

My stay in Belgrade is coming to an end.Today we visited the church of St. Mark and visited the restaurant of the same name.We sat in the garden in the October sun.Original church of st. Marko, was built during the time of Belgrade Metropolitan Petar Jovanović (1833-1859) and Prince Miloš Obrenović, 1835-1836. years.There was a stone mine (and saltpetre) on Tasmajdan, which was used in the time of the Turks and from which a lot was built in today's Belgrade.On the hill - the mound, in 1830 the hatisherif was read.After the bloody dynastic coup in May 1903; a royal couple is buried in this temple King Aleksandar Obrenović and the queen Draga .Due to the German bombing on April 13, 1941, the temple was set on fire and so damaged that its remains were completely removed during 1942.

My stay in Belgrade was also marked by a visit to Skadarlija.Although Skadarlija does not have a gate, by entering this street, from the city bustle of business and trade Belgrade, the doors of the past open into this historically ambient corner. Belgraders and guests of Belgrade gladly come to spend the evening in this stone street with the desire to experience the spirit of the past. Skadarlija became a bohemian part of Belgrade, at the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century, when actors, writers and painters moved to this part of the city, and Skadarlija's cafes grew into a confluence of the most famous names Belgrade. The house where the famous Serbian poet and painter Đura Jakšić lived and died was turned into a meeting place for the poets of the Skadarlija Evenings. This Belgrade district is compared to Paris' Montmartre, both in appearance and in a cheerful, heated artistic atmosphere.

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Written by   376
8 months ago
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I realize I was not here for about 6 months ...many news, posts. Did not know about FB vs. crypto... Nice places in Belgrade... Still difficult to travel

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7 months ago

Thanks for sharing those amazing pictures. I hope to visit Belgrade at one point

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8 months ago