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7 months ago

Dear friends, this is an unbearably favorite classic that I always come back to.

Small but unrepeatable moments are a part of our everyday life. They include a favorite drink, a book with fantastic content and a corner where we can afford this kind of taste. At this point, can you list the literature to which you will always return regardless of the timing and topic they are dealing with? For me, it is Milan Kundera and his world hit, "The Unbearable Lightness of Existence." It is interesting to note that this book was banned in what was then Czechoslovakia until 1989.

With each new page of the book ‘The Unbearable Lightness of Existence’ you will be intoxicated, no matter what topic you are dealing with. Communist ideals spared no one, not even the then Czech capital back in 1968. At the center of the action are Tomas and Sabina, two intellectuals who go through different phases of reaching easy and difficult truths. Have you ever thought about the opposite, but still the same relationship between lightness and weight? The lives of intellectuals and artists in the then Prague were difficult, but short-lived satisfying. They are in a constant search for truth, wisdom and easy solutions, which, with additional social limitations, was not easy to achieve.

I am reading this book again today.I drink one of my favorite coffees.Kundera's books are all over my apartment.I wish everyone a pleasant night with one of his quotes.

“We all find it inconceivable that the love of our lives could be something light, something weightless; we think that our love is what it had to be, that without it our life would not be our life ”,

I am also giving away one photo from Prague, on my wonderful trip.

In addition to this book, I must make one of my observations.I can rarely read anything about BCH on a site.As if deliberately neglecting BCH, he is deliberately ignoring it.Sometimes I read bad prognoses and negative comments.I read a lot of lies on the internet. How BCH is not used.There is constant writing about long cryptocurrencies rising into the sky.Why is that so?

Today, while browsing some sites, I learned something new.

What is a Smart Contract?

A smart contract is a program on a blockchain. This program enables the transfer of money, real estate, shares… Without intermediaries, between unknown persons, in a completely secure and verifiable way.

It is easiest to imagine a blockchain as a vending machine, and smart contracts as programs that launch different items. If you drink coffee, insert the money and enter the code for the coffee. It is the same with smart contracts, except that instead of a vending machine you have a blockchain, instead of money a certain cryptocurrency, and instead of a code for coffee - a smart contract.

A smart contract is a program located on a blockchain. This means that all relevant conditions for fulfilling the contract are coded and stored on the blockchain. This eliminates the possibility of fraud.

The smart contract is immutable, everyone can get acquainted with the content, and when the programmed conditions are met, the smart contract is fulfilled by itself. Such a program completely eliminates misunderstandings and disputes that arise.

Blockchain is a public register of all transactions that have taken place. Everyone has access to this register, all that is necessary for verification is a computer and internet access. Anyone can check the contents of a smart contract before using it.

Because of all this, smart contracts allow business between parties on opposite sides of the world, between people who have never met and who do not have to trust each other to do business successfully. Smart contracts can transfer money, cryptocurrencies, real estate, stocks, etc.

Read books and believe in BCH!

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Written by   376
7 months ago
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So many lies in internet about BCH..that ends up having bad reputation, people should be educated on what's real and what's not about BCH.

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7 months ago

So many lies in internet about BCH..that ends up having bad reputation, people should be educated on what's real and what's not about BCH.

Yes, that's right, you're right. I can rarely find out anything.

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7 months ago