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Emotional crisis

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2 years ago

One of them said: We were very integrated while we were watching a Gulf series

And the deeper scene was: one of them plumped against her cousin and hugged her as comfort

And while he was inattentive, the mother said: And I am the one who chastens me ?!

The educational pens seem to be overcome by their affection for children  

Oblivious to the seed of love

On the mother who, if not watered carefully, will wilt 

If the gas station provides the cars with what they can continue driving with 

It needs someone to fill it with fuel, which is the largest, to continue its work 

How then can the mother when she is human and her energy is limited even in the tender which is innate!

Your mom keeps giving you tirelessly until you reach an age that you have to understand

And she understands what makes her tired.

Between thirty and five and forty-five approximately 

The possibility of emotional disturbance begins to surface, and it is evident in the behavior and some dialogues and ways of thinking 

And it continues until the end of the "middle age" stage, meaning roughly the age of sixty.

This emotional disorder is known as (midlife crisis). 

Where the individual begins to evaluate his life, reconsider the goals he has achieved and what he could not achieve, and he gives up many dreams that he cannot achieve.

And while it appears that children and their upbringing are at the top of the list of goals subject to correction, and the evidence for that is that God said about a person when he reaches forty, he says in his supplication, "And be right for me in my offspring."

And the example that our article illustrates: for one of the mother’s goals to be a good rearing of her children and to bestow her affection on them so that this debt can be restored to her in the future, so that she sees friendship and affection from them when she needs it. 

At this age, and experiencing this crisis, they feel frustrated by the reality that somehow tells them 

(Your children are busy with you).

In general, he generalized the conversation to a non-mother, regardless of the social role that the person plays at this stage

And we are more diverse in the aspects of midlife crisis, including:

Clinging to youth: these are behaviors in which the individual tries to convince himself and make others aware that he is still young. 

- Increase in family disputes: This appears when children comment on the condition of one of their parents, as they say: "We do not know what happened to him, because he is nervous these days." And in the words of one of the wives, "My husband is unbearable these days."

Tension in the person’s relationship in his field of work: most of which is with his bosses at work, as you find him demanding a greater role in the field of work or opposing instructions.

The emergence of some physical symptoms of psychological origin : 

(Headache, lower back pain, joint pain)

These symptoms may disappear when the person is mentally preoccupied with important matters.

Among the factors helping the emergence of the crisis:

- Physical changes: "Gray hair, the beginning of impaired senses, .."

Monotony of life: life is devoid of stimuli or goals.

- Increasing leisure time: to grow children and let them go, or to enrich parents' tasks.

And dear reader, you can help those who are going through a midlife crisis 

I especially mention your mother, because she was the first to help him.

- More than your praise, the good it looks in your eyes 

- Break the routine of the day with an "unexpected event", coordination of a visit, a day outing, a meal together outside the home, a trip that permeates the monotony of the months.

Think together aloud, so that thinking reaches setting new goals and proposing plans to implement them.

And I conclude with this rule:

  You will find time to take care of your parents and loved ones when you put them first.

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Written by   32
2 years ago
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