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How to hit your target this month

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1 year ago

I am here again, I told you I meant business this month, I want to make sure my audience gets enough value this month.

Yesterday I shared with you a motivational piece on setting writing down your monthly goals.. and I promised I was gonna share with you a simple strategy that can help you achieve those goals with it.

You might have seen it before on my status sometime but I'll share it with you again.

In a few moment I'll share with you the simple strategy you can use to hit any goal even if it's a money goal but first, have you written down your goals? If NO, then do so NOW!..

I know you are excited and I am too.. Without wasting time let's dive right in..

First let's look at Money Goal supposing your money goal for this month is ₦100,000.

That's to say ₦100,000 in 30days.

How do we achieve this..?

What you need to do is divide the target by the numbers of days..

₦100, 000 ÷ 30days = 3,333.33 ~ ₦3,350 daily.

So you need to make ₦3,350 every day to hit that target..

Let's break it down in another way..

We've known that we need ₦3,350 everyday.

This also means that we need just 30 persons to buy from us within a month.

Target Money - ₦100,000

Target Sales - 30 sales

Product price - ₦3,350

With this, you can think of a product to sell, or a service to render that's worth ₦3,350 ..

You can also do it another way...

If you offer a service or sell a product..

Ask yourself how many much is your product/service worth?

Let's say your service is worth ₦2,000..

₦100,000 ÷ ₦2,000 = 50 Sales

So you need to offer 2k worth value to 50 persons to meet the target.

Now all you need do is see how you can market that product or service.

If you've set a goal to write an ebook.

How many pages do you want the ebook to be?

100 pages..

Divide by 30 days= 3, that means you need to write at least 3 pages every day

The same goes with reading an ebook..

Divide the pages by the number of days you want to use in reading the ebook..

That's it...

Very simple and realistic..

One of the challenges to hitting a goal is that we aren't determined and we don't set realistic goals..

You can't set a goal to make ₦1Million when you've not made ₦100,000 before..

Let me leave you with this..

To make money online, you must have a product or a service you offer that you can exchange for money.

I hope this helps..

I am putting out my pen..

Do have a wonderful day ahead..

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Written by   5
1 year ago
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