How to Withdraw Free WAX Airdrops from Discord

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2 years ago

So, you've been playing around the Discord servers like me and noticed a cool little announcement from - "✈️ An airdrop appears" - such as below. It tells you to click the 🎉 symbol to collect the WAX airdrop before it disappears. So you click it. 

After a few minutes, a new screen shows up at the end of 11:19 AM (just before 11:20 AM). So you quickly search for your name on the list, and there is my Discord ID for this channel - "@SirLRonHODLer Rabbit". 

You get excited because you've just received WAX! But now what? How do I get the WAX into my WAX wallet in order to buy NFT's? 

Well, here is a simple guide to help you on your first transfer, because after your first transfer, it will be very straightforward. 

1. On the home tab in Discord, find your "Direct Messages" sidebar and click on the "" direct message. "" is a bot that helps your check your balances and withdraw digital assets to your blockchain wallets. It should look something like this:

2. Check your balance using the script: "$bal wax". I got lucky with an airdrop earlier in the day, so I already had some WAX on my Discord wallet.

3. To withdraw your WAX, type the command: "$withdraw wax". This will start the withdraw script, and you simply follow the prompts. The WAX (WAXP) destination account is your WAX account. I entered "ynjee.wam" for my wallet account in lowercase. Double check your wallet account for accuracy. 

4. Enter "none" for the memo.

5. Enter the amount you want to withdraw. I want to withdraw all my WAX into my external wallet, because I want to buy a cool NFT, so I entered "all" in the command line.

6. Finally, triple check your information and confirm the withdrawal process by typing "yes" into the command line. If you entered the wrong wallet address, or entered the wrong amount, you can type "no" to cancel, or the whole process will actually time out. Notice that it says " is typing..." at the bottom of each script? There is an approximate 20 sec delay to cancel the withdraw process on each step. 

7. You will immediately receive confirmation from the bot, and the WAX typically shows up instantly if there is not a long withdraw queue. Here is my confirmation information. 

Some additional quick notes:

- There is a timeout on the withdraw process - approximately 20 seconds. In other words, if you don't progress to the next step, the bot will cancel the withdraw. Don't be frustrated as this is to protect your funds. Just start over.

- Make sure you enter the correct WAX wallet account in the command line. If you send it to the wrong address, you cannot undo this process!

- You can check your balances using the bot too. Try entering commands such as "$bals" for all your crypto balances and "$bals top" for the crypto assets that you have the most in your Discord wallet.

- There are many crypto discord channels for many different purposes. A good rule of thumb is please be respectful and please participate in the way that the community wants you to participate. There is a channel strictly for airdrops and tips, and there are many NFT and yield farming channels that really want you to communicate and be active on the platform. Some of my favorites are Lux Expressions,, and CryptoMonKeys - such such warm welcoming people that want to share their platform with you. Shill good vibes!

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Important claims: I am not a financial advisor. Please do your own research before you invest any money. Crypto currency is not FDIC insured. I am a $VYGVF shareholder. I own an air fryer.

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Thanks, this was very useful. ✌🏾

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1 year ago

Thanks for the quite detailed explanation, just joined the discord hoping for some good drops!

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