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3 months ago

Tips! Tips!! Tips!!! What kind of Tips would I be referring to ~hmmmmm~ let see ... could it be; Tips of advice or the Tips of swords, Tips of balance or the Tips of gratitude, the list can be endless and also finite but we all, having something in common being this awesomemo, on seeing the pop-up of this Article Title of mine on our various notifications feed would all reason alike and consciously click on sight to assume I was referring to the Tips of Monetary Rewards - well, we ain't wrong about that.

In that regards, we all know what Tips are and how we do get them or what we do to get them which is mostly by writing articles. We all have gotten Tips or have been tipped in one way or the other on this amazing platform, but my article today isn't about how to receive high tips regularly from subscribers on this platform but rather how I receive Tips in my workplace from customers.

Like I have early hinted you guys, I work in an Eatery, fast-food store where food is being sold for consumption to people and we have loads of people who patronise us daily. In my workplace, there are different sections of job mainly three - The Cash Section, The Supply Section and The Kitchen Section.
The Cash Section comprises of people who take customers orders, packs them and then deliver; these people are called the Cashiers.
The Supply Section comprises of people who supplies the Cash Section with food, materials and products to aid their sales; these people are called the Middle-Men
The Kitchen Section comprises of people who Cooks the food to be sold by the Cash Section; these people are called Kitchen...

   ... sharing roles like this helps a lot to reduce the work load and stress on one staff or member of the store. We call this Division of Labour- I spoke a little about it in an article of mine, click HERE to view.

Back to my discussion, customers sometimes Tips the members/staff of the store when they are either satisfied with their experience or love the way they were attended to or love their meals ... using a pie chart of 360° division system, 345° of Tips percentage goes to the Cash Section, 10° of Tips percentage goes to the Supply Section while the remaining 5° of Tips percentage goes to the Kitchen Section,  sketchy right hehe. Bluntly put, Cashiers are the ones who always receive tips, it be looking like the Cashiers are the life of the party.

To buttress my point, anyone who knows the price of food and products and can take orders fluently, can come aid designated Cashiers in sales at the Cash Section and logically, anyone who stays in the Cash Section to attend to customers are tagged Cashiers by the unknowing customers but it is those who work in the store that would know that this staff isn't a Cashier but a member who only came to help and aid sales. It is people who attend to customers that are seen and tipped; the Middle-Men and the Kitchen are out of sight of the customers.

Some customers do take-away their food purchased while some eat in the store, we call this Dine-In ... people who eat at the store are said to Dine-In. People eat their food in the lobby; a separated open space under the roof of the store where there is chairs and tables for customers to sit and eat. Cashiers are mostly endowed with the responsibility of cleaning the lobby and taking out or discarding leftovers food by customers and any Cashiers/team members downed with this role are called Lobby Hosts ; activities done in the lobby are Wiping of tables and chairs, Sweeping the floors, Mopping the floors, Cleaning the tiles and some other petty activities. All these activities and more ( not stated) can be carried out effectively in the lobby with or without customers- it can be performed in a lobby hosted with people or in a lobby free of people. When it is done in a lobby hosted with people, one can be tipped evenly as when customers see you working diligently and want to appreciate your efforts and right attitude to work.

Today in all, with me being stationed at the Cash Section and being a Lobby Host, I accumulated a total of $10 worth in tips and materials ... I was happy as I was being recognised for my job and participation by the customers. A rule of Tips in my workplace is that 50% goes to the staff tipped directly while the remaining 50% goes to the store. The remaining 50% part that goes to the store is accumulated weekly and accounted for and used to treat members of the store of all sections to a nice time, we had Pizza this last week with the accumulated tips and we are looking forward to this week accumulated tips also to see what it would account to and afford to buy ~I wrote cooking a meal as a suggestion in the suggestion box for weekly treats with tip~

I would have to cut short my story here and probably continue later in a part 2 Section of this article but I highly doubt if there would be a continuation of this franchise. That would be all for now.

Good morning to you all, thanks for reading and for your time. Do Have a Nice Day Ahead.

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Written by   82
3 months ago
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Catchy title, love it👍

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