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White love: Bakit mas mahal pa natin ang mga puti kaysa kayumanggi?

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7 months ago
Topics: Filipino, Tourism

White Love as described is often deemed unfair by many people. Foreigners think that Filipinos are cheerful, happy, kind and hospitable. But contrary to their beliefs, most Filipinos tend to act differently where foreigners from other cultures, especially when their skin are colored white, are present. I heard a joke that Filipinos are so hospitable to foreigners that basically they let themselves be conquered without knowing and when they knew it was too late. The danger lies on the fact that Filipinos tend to help foreigners than their fellow Filipinos.

When these so called “white love” are intense as they see these foreigners as prince charming, the knight and shining armor that rises them from poverty like a poor girl marrying a prince. There’s nothing wrong with that, but it gets wrong when a Filipino only married an white colored person for money. It is a non-genuine feeling of love as I also feel bad for the foreigner. We can’t deny the fact that some Filipinos are gold diggers, and some foreigners just want to have sex or take advantage on marrying a Filipino whether it would be assets or buying a property in the Philippines.

Foreigners also can take advantage of Filipino hospitality and even can take services or products for free that otherwise when fellow Filipinos avail often denied privileges to these services. An issue of racial inequality driven by our culture, the fact that we are enslaved for hundreds of years, we are instinctively react to become servants on these foreigners. Giving what we can give and expecting return, but most of the time we get little or nothing. In a positive side, white love is a good thing. But we must not forget that we must help our own fellow Filipinos too as much as we help foreigners.

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It is really a sensitive topic for us filipinos, but you delivered in a brilliant manner. I love it, keep writing SikritPirson, I will always support you Bro. 😁💪

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4 months ago

Support rin kita bro ehhehehhe

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4 months ago