There is "No Forever"

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Like what we usually say in tagalog "walang forever". That the only permanent thing in this is world is change. There will always be changes in our everyday lives. Nothing will stay forever.

The title may sound negative at all but it does not mean that way. It can be good and bad.

No forever relationship - In a relationship, they say that there is no forever. But I cdon't see it that way.

Some relationship failed but some are stronger.

There are couples who stayed together until they are old. Only death separated them but they believe that there is still afterlife where they will meet again. Every woman dreamed of having that long lasting relationship. That is true love.

But there are failed relationships. What are the reasons? Both gender can be unfaithful. They may be okay at first but as they began knowing each others flaws, they started hurting and hating each other. There might be another party involved.

Some lose out of love at all. No other parties involved but simply the affection for each other is no longer there.

No forever jobs. We don't stay in one job only. Some found the job they wanted after working in several companies.

After studies, we tried to look for an experience first. After a year or two, we tend to look for another job. We look for a better company with greater benefits and salaries.

Sometimes, we are not satisfied with the work we have. We move from one job to another until we decided to stay. Some put up their own business.

Some planned to stay in the jobs they have but due to bankruptcy or movement from another place, they have no choice but to resign or they will be paid for their services rendered.

I can say that are still employees who stayed in their companies they worked with. Those who found their dream jobs where they can apply what they have studied.

No forever material things. When we bought material things, we knew it will not lasts forever. No matter how we take care of some things, it will still fade or be broken.

Best example are mobile phones. We save money to buy a new phone and we take care of it though we used it a lot. Once its old or there is a new model of phone, we tend to buy a new one or replace it.

But there are also good things about "no forever".

THERE IS NO FOREVER SORROW. In life, we all have ups and downs. If we feel that we are in suffering right now, time will also come for us to go up. Time for us to be happy and enjoy the things that we have.

After sorrow, it feels like we became free. We just need to make actions. It is not always darkness. There will still be light but we need to be patient.

All of us suffers sorrow. Some almost want to give up but through their family's support and love, they were able to surpassed it.

Let us all remember that everything changes so as our life. There is still forever to those who believe.

Thank you everyone and hope you enjoy reading my article.

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1 year ago


There is no forever but there is only a lifetime❤️ A lifetime to love and be loved. A lifetime to be better or bitter. A lifetime to live with regrets or a lifetime to move forward. Only us could determine how we will spend this God-given lifetime❤️

p.s I love how you put 'walang forever' in a positive way too🙂Thank u!

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1 year ago

You have a point and that lifetime should not be wasted but rather well spent. Thank you.

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1 year ago