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Patience and Humility Are The Best Traits For Me

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2 months ago

If there are words to describe myself, it will be being patient and being humble. Not to brag but these are the traits I can be proud of myself eversince. Everyone can be patient and humble in our own way. I believe that each of us has traits that we possessed. Traits that made us stand out to others. Traits that make us different from the rest.


As they always say, patience is a virtue. It is true. If you are patient, you are willing to wait for your turn. Turn to succeed and shine. There is always a reason for everything. Reason to succeed or fail.

The below are different kinds of patience. But I can say that I best apply my patience with people I interact with. As much as needed, I just go along and understand them. Some are good and some are bad and we have to understand them but of course, there will always be a limit to everything.

Patience In Love

If we are still young, we must focus on studies first. There is a perfect timing for love. True love waits. No need to hurry. The more we hurry, the more we commit mistakes. Once we finished our studies, that is the time we can enter in a relationship. Time to entertain boys or court girls.

But nowadays, there are a lot of teenage pregnancies or pre-marital sex, wherein some are lucky to get married while some ended heartbroken.

We tend to hurry because we envy others who were were married and others were in a relationship. So we also want to enter into a relationship without thinking of the consequences. Some wanted to experience being in a relationship at an early age. What it feels like to have a partner.

But we should remember that if we will just wait for that right time, everything will be under control. You will have a happy relationship. We just have to wait for the right person to come in our lives.

Patience for Good Health

We should all be thankful for being healthy. But some have health conditions that they need to suffer and undergo medical processes.

If someone is deeply sick, they need to undergo medications and a lot of medicines. Some were losing patience because they lose hope in recovering. They felt that they will die soon. They felt that in the end, they will not be healed.

But for some, they believe that there is nothing impossible. They followed what was prescribed and advised by their physicians. They waited and continue their medications until they were healed.

They just needed patience and being obedient for them to be recover.

Patience At Work

Being an employee, we want growth and increase in salary. Our main reason to work is to earn to provide the needs of our family.

This pandemic has brought many people unemployed. We cannot survive if we don't work. Some applied and applied but did not get the job. They almost lose hope in getting it. But for some, they just continue looking for a job until they got it. They were just patient enough to look for a job because that means that it was meant for them once they pass.

But there are competitions in the company. We applied for a higher position but whatever hardwork we do, we cannot get that position. For some, they will just resigned because they did not get the promotion they wanted. But for some, they will just continue working and proving their own worth to the company. Then they will just wait for the right time for them to try again and apply. Pursuing until they got their dream position.

Patience in Everyday Lives

Everything we do requires patience. If we don't have enough of it, we lose.

When we go to malls or supermarkets for shopping or groceries, we need to fall in line. When we noticed that we only buy few items and the person in front of us has loads of groceries, we tend to move to another counter and look for lane with fewer items. Sometimes, we just leave our items when we noticed the long queue and move to be other store. But when we move to other store, it was just the same. If we just waited enough, we will have our turn.

Even when paying bills or waiting in line to ride a vehicle, we just need to be patient enough because in the end, we can all be assisted and be served.


Filipinos are known to be humble and it is true. We treat people like foreigners or visitors with good assistance and hospitability.

I can attest to that because even me, I treat visitors well and I assure them thay won't get bored with me. Visitors can be relatives, neighbors or friends.

Even in ourselves, we need to be humble. While others are boastful and bragging to us, we don't need to level up with them but rather, be humble enough. Just be honest of what we are whenever we talk to others. Talk to them not by being proud though we have great achievements in life. Though we are successful, learn to interact with all people.

Final Say

If we are patient and humble enough, we can avoid misunderstanding. There will be unity amd peace.

Thank you to all the readers and to my sponsors. I owe you a lot.

Happy reading and have a great day!!

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Written by   56
2 months ago
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Like they say patience is a virtue. ✨

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2 months ago

Indeed, applicable sya s lahat ng aspeto ng buhay.

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2 months ago

Amen. Patience must be applied. hehe Kumbaga yan yung starting para sa magandang pakikitungo sa bawat isa. without that kind of act, humanity will never exist.

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2 months ago