Overthinking: An Advantage or Disadvantage

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One of the personal traits that I cannot let go is me being overthinking. From the root word itself, "overthink" meaning "you think too much'.

You think in advance. Something does not happen yet but it seems like you know what's going to happen.

You are more like a fortune teller. You can guess things.

Most of the time, I overthink in many ways. I can say that it does not always mean negatively but rather, it can also be positive.

  • My "me" time is whenever I take a bath. There are a lot of things running in my mind and one of those is "what are the items that need to buy for our "sari-sari store".

    I will think one by one what to buy. I over think when in fact, I don't have the budget to buy all those items because I only have enough money.

    What's worst is that I also think of that even when I am just sitting or lying in bed. I am too much attached with our small business that I got mad when a customer bought something but we don't have that item. I was affected because that item that the customer was looking for was already in my mind that I will just buy next time due to lack of budgetTha

    That is why most of the time, when I am just sitting down, I will think of the things that I want to buy for our business even though I don't have enough money. I tend to over think of what I want to buy which has been repetitive.

Being overthinking mostly give me negativity.

  • Like for example, my niece and my sister-in-law were planning to put up a small business. That was selling bread with fillings like cheese, tuna and chocolate. I remember when I told them that how will it sell if it was just a bread. I told them that kids cannot afford the prices of them and who will eat bread nowadays.

    They told me that I was negative because I already told them what might happen even though they have not started yet. It happened almost last year but their business was good. It was opposite to what I told them. But they just stopped because my sister-in-law got a job and my niece did not continue selling those breads alone.

  • But what I am trying to say is that if they listen to me at first that the business that they want to put up might fail, they will not find out that I am wrong. That the business they want to put up is a good business.

  • Another example is when my brother was suspended from work. He said that the reason was being caught while using mobile phones during work by his supervisor and colleague at the same day. It was 3-4 days suspension which means he has no pay for those days being absent.

    I already thought that he might lose his job because 2 or 3 of his colleagues caught him. He said that many employees were doing that too but it was just him that was caught. Maybe they were mad at him.

    A lot of things came up on my mind.Wha

    What will happen to his family if he lose his job.

    How will they pay for their rent?

    I told him that he should not use his phone during working hours because there is a chance that he might get caught again.

  • There were also times when I remember the show that I watched in television. A kid was lost and he was not found by his mother. The mother looked everywhere and asked for assistance to look for her kid. He reported it and posted his son's photo in Social Media. There were also people who contacted her saying they saw her child. She went to those places but they were just his son's look alike. I hope that the mother will not give up and find his son sooner and that his son is safe.

    I am a mother and I can feel the mother's grief. I watched it last year but it always comes up in my mind. That is why whenever we go out, I make sure that my son is beside me especially if the place is new to him or far from us. I also make sure that aside from me and my son, we should have another companion for my son.

    I overthink of that scenario. What if that happened to me. What will I do? What is frightening is that you don't know where your child is and his condition. It might kill me for sure.

    This is me overthinking negatively.

  • But the positive overthinking that I can remember was when I was still young. I worked as a production operator before in several factories. Then I told myself that I want to work in a mall so I can enjoy the things that I am seeing. I felt bored inside the company. Then it happened. I worked in a mall then it came to my mind that I want to work in a call center. I want a career.rowth and it happened. I failed in some companies but due to perseverance, I was hired.

  • I also find myself weird when overthinking. I will watch a certain show and I will give the ending to that show in my mind. It's like making my mind think and think and also, being part of that problem that should not be my problem.

My Final Say

Most of us are overthinkers. It just depends if it is positive or negative thinking. I can say that it is controllable but it is not also bad since we have a lot of ideas in our mind.

Maybe I have time to write because of the ideas that came in my mind. This is one of the useful thing that overthinking caused me.

Thank you very much and have a nice day.

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It's all goes this way !

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1 year ago

This is true. Pero ako negative ang dating sken when you say overthinking, kasi we can map out different scenarios or result in a situation but when we overthink we focus on the negative things that can happen. Pros for me is you get to plan super ahead of time, meron kang plan A or plans for worse case scenarios. Advantage dn yun kasi di ka na magspend ng more time thinking about a solution to a problem.

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1 year ago

Totoo naman na madalas negative pag nag overthinking pero in my.case, there are still positive things that pop up in my head.

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1 year ago