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My Phobias And Your Phobias

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1 month ago

There are some things that I cannot explain to myself. Somethings I want to get rid of. I am scared of several things. There are things I am afraid of just because I saw it for the very first time. There are also things that I am scared of because I see it everytime.

Unlike me, there are also other people who have their phobias or things that they were scared of.

Here are some of the phobias I have and I hope you can also identify your own phobias, if there is.


I am afraid of water. I maybe hydrophobic but not everyrhing about water. But I am not afraid to drink warer, I am not afraid to take a bath, of course. There are other reasons why I am afraid of. I am afraid of swimming in the sea. Maybe because I don't know know how to swim. I felt like I will drown in the sea and these might get me if in case the there are tides.

But I am willing to learn because I want to swim even I am old enough. I want to know how it feels like to swim and float in the water. I also want my son to learn how to swim at an early age.

I watched my favorite show every Sunday and there was a video that they featured which shows a family swimming in the falls. While they were swimming, there was an unexpected mudslide which quickly flows down the fall and the people escaped fast ro get away in the water. But there was a mother and daughter who did not survived. They were both washed away by the falls.

It was an accident but for me, it was painful to watch and knowing what happened to them scares me more. It was obvious that they did not survived but it gets me more scared of water.

I am also scared when there is typhoon and strong rain and wind. If others can sleep tight during rainy season, it was different for me. I just lie down and waited for the rain to stop. If it did not stop yet, I cannot sleep.

There are a lot of things in my mind especially when it rains. There was a time when there was a typhoon and due to heavy rains and wind, we have no electricity. If we don't have electricity, we also don't have water. During that time, we don't save water because we don't any have storage. It was hard because we cannot wash our dishes even water to use for our toilet. It was hard to move because water is essential in our life.

That is why I am paranoid when there is typhoon and even when I saw a high tide or big waves in the sea.


I am scared of closed spaces or areas. I am claustrophobic, too. Whenever I passed a closed road or a very small road, I felt like I cannot breathe. I felt suffocated.

I felt there is something hiding scary inside a dark closed spaces.


I am also scared of small black holes. It is called trypophobia. Even before I didn't know what type of phobia was that, I cannot explain the feeling when I see black holes. It's like many eyes staring at me which looks dirty and filthy. It feels like they are moving in circular motion but it really makes me weak. I cannot stand longer staring at those images.


I also have a phobia with heights. My imagination gets wide whenever I see high lands or anything tall like buildings or condominiums with terraces.

I always think that I was in the rooftop overlooking in the terrace. Many questions popped in my mind

I always think what if I sit in the edge?

Then accidentally, I fall. I always think if I am the only one in this world thinking the same way.

There are famous people who accidentally fall in the building and died.

That is why I don't want to live in buildings or condominiums.

Ophidiophobia or ophiophobia .

This is fear of snakes. I do believe that most of us do fear snakes. I am scared of centipedes, leech and other insects that have venoms or can cause body pain because of its bite.

I remember when I saw a snake inside our house. It was evening when it happened. When I looked at the shelf in our store, I saw a snake which was colored green and it was big and not moving. I shouted and closed the door. Luckily, my father and his friends were outside the house and drinking wine. They pull out the snake and they put it in a sack.

It was summer time when it happened. I also found out that there were some snakes that also went out because it was too hot and they want to get out. But they say that those snakes has no venoms but still, they are scary indeed.

Even when I tried staring at them in the television, I can't stand looking at their skin especially at their faces. It looks like their going to bite me any moment.

What is more scary are snakes with venoms. Once they bite you, in 15 minutes, your body will get paralyzed and you will die.

I watched from the news what happened to a kid who was bitten by a snake. It happened in the province where the father and son were sleeping Their house is open and it happened when the snake entered their house and bit the kid in the forehead. He was paralyzed and when he was sent to the hospital, he died.

The father searched and killed the snake. It was allowed by the government to kill the snake if it caused damage to people.

My Final Say

There are different types of fears or phobias. Even from the food we eat, from what we drink and what we see everyday. We can consult a doctor for advise.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day!!

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Written by   61
1 month ago
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I'm a claustrophobic person too sis. I feel like I can't breath kapag masyadong masikip.

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1 month ago

When I was a kid I know I'm not claustrophobic. It started when I got old. I don't know why it happened.

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1 month ago

Sorry to hear about your phobias. I am scared of snakes but it's normal I guess and cannot call it phobia yet. I am not sure if I have a phobia of something.

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1 month ago

If you fear for a reason, out of experiences, it's healthy to fear. That fear will keep you alive. You don't fear water but the sea because you can't swim. The question is if that's important.

Phobias rule your life. Do they in your case? Is the quality of your life infected by your fears? Is your imagination, are your emotions rule your life? The fear for what might happen because it could happen or did happen to someone else?

If that's the case you better find a good doctor a psychiatrist because that's what you need. Someone who figures out what started all this. You might lack a vitamin, mineral and with that the courage to live.

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1 month ago