I Finally Visited My House For The First Time And Got The Keys After 6 Years

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1 year ago

March 7, 2022, Monday

This was another productive day for me. Since I am still unemployed at the moment, I find time to do what I cannot do if I already have work. One of those is visiting my house.

Wave back 2016 when I processed my housing documents. After processing was the turn over of the house. This is where the keys of the property will be given to you to check the condition of the house.

I was pregnant that time and it was a rainy season. So even though I can visit my house since I am done with the requirements, I am scared to travel. I told myself that I will come back some other time once I gave birth.

But after I gave birth August 31, I realized it was more difficult to visit the house since I have no time at all. I am taking care of my son while I was in maternity leave and even I started working, it became harder because I am working and I am also taking care of my son.

I am just paying the monthly amortization. I told myself that I will visit there once I have time and money.

Until the pandemic came. When I started working from home, I got scared of going out because of the virus. Many years passed that I forgot visiting the house.

When I Became Unemployed

2022 was not a good start for me. I became unemployed on the 7th of January. Though I expected a back pay after but still it's sad to say that I have no work. Meaning no income. I am scared because I have a lot to pay every month including my house.

But I made my day productive while I am not yet applying for a job. One of those is to visit my house. I was actually thinking how does it look like today.

I joined a group in Facebook page of the subdivision where I got the house. This is where they show houses for sale or for rent. Some posted their businesses and some show any updates from the houses and the subdivision as well. It includes the improvement of the place like construction of basketball courts and a church.

I also met someone through chat regarding any questions about the house. She actually went to my house and took a picture.

I Got The Keys

I was with my partner when I visited the house. I also want to bring my son that time but since we only commuted and it was far, we planned not to bring him.

It was 12:00 in the afternoon when we travel. I thought it was near but it was too far from me. Maybe it's because it was our first time to visit. I went there before but there were no houses yet. They were just about to start building it.

When we reached the gate of the subdivision, we told the guard thar we will get the keys but it was not there so he said that we need to go to the Engineering department to get it.

We went to the Engineering department but we waited for hours before we got the key. We ate first while waiting and when we went back, I got the 9 pieces of keys: 3 same keys for the toilet, front and the back door.

We went back to the subdivision and proceed to the security guard office and the 2 guards assisted us to the location since we don't know the exact location if my house.

It was a hot afternoon when we went there. My partner and I each rode to the guards motorcycle.

I finally saw the house. I was excited and happy. Good thing that it was closed. Because I found out that some houses were opened and others might just throw garbage or some might live there.

This is the actual house.

The house was bare. It has no division yet for rooms other than the comfort room. It has windows but the glass was so thin that one the glass windows broke. The doors lock was rusted too. The other door from the back needs to be replaced.

But there is a bigger lot which means I can extend the house by using the space I have but electricity and water should be installed first. Then it needs to be renovated first before I planned on renting it. The rental fee that I will get will be the money that I will used to pay for the monthly amortization.

After I visited it, we went home but we ate first. It was still early because we want to avoid the traffic. My head was aching already because it was a hot afternoon and it was a long travel.

My Final Say

I was happy that one of my plans happened. I visited my house. I am planning next when to install electricity and water. Then the renovation of the house. I have lots.of plans but I am slowly getting there.

But I am happy seeing my house. It may be small but I hope I can own it after 27 years.

Let us not stop dreaming. But make sure that some or most of our dreams come true.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day.

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1 year ago


Just keep working towards what you want and you will reach it soon. It is nice to see you getting what you worked hard for. I wish that your future plans also materialize.

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1 year ago

Thank you @ZehraSky. I hope I can accomplished all my dreams for the house.

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1 year ago

Wow. Your plan is already visible ma'am . Good thing that finally you can have your actual plan.

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1 year ago

Thank you @Kleah97. I am slowly getting there

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1 year ago