How Lucky?

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2 years ago

Have you ever won in a raffle? Any forms of raffle in school, work or in your community?

Did you envy people or any person you know who won in any raffle?

This is my 4th blog. Very simple yet happening in real lives.

Those were the times

I remember when I was in school days specifically elementary days. We have activities in school and it includes raffle draws for cash prizes or goods.. There were 3rd, 2nd and the first prize. There were also consolation prizes.

Everyone's excited when the raffle started and one of my classmates won the consolation prize. I don't know why, but I envy those who won including my classmate. "How lucky they were", that's what I said to myself.

Until I grew up and have joined a lot of raffle draws but it seemed not my day. Nowadays, there are online raffles, too. It seems I'm not into luck. But they say there's a perfect timing for us. And my luck started last 2 years ago.

Perfect Timing

I was at work and we have US clients at that time and they have goods for us like shirts, chocolates, caps and different items they brought for us. So in order to be fair to all employees, they planned a raffle draw to all. I won a first aid kit. It may be small for some but being able to win is a first time for me. Never happened before. I laughed at first thinking those were just bandages but the point that I won was amazing.

Until we have more events at work which means more chances of winning again. I won shirts, chocolates and different items. It seems I always won in every events. My colleagues said that I am lucky because I was always called in every raffle. I also thought of that. Though they are not expensive or big items, for me, winning matters. A feeling of happinness.


I got pregnant, it was unexpected but it was a blessing to me, too. They say that being pregnant is lucky. Indeed I was lucky, more raffle and more winning for me.

Then we have this year end party. I remember those previous years and my friends and I always attended the party for a chance to experiene the event, the foods and the chance to win. We always talked about how it feels to win the major prizes like MAC Book, appliance showcase, etc. But it seems, others were lucky that time.

Until last 2018, I attended the year end party again. It was fun especially the guests like live bands and nice foods. Until the last part of the event, the raffle draw. It was pre-drawn so someone told us that I won but they did not mention the prize Iso I should stay and wait until the program ends. I was shivering because of excitement if its true or not. The prizes was mostly island hopping and the major prize was IPhone X and yes, I got that major prize. I ran in the stage because of the time limit or else, they will call another one. I got it and the prize will be claim in the Human Resource office.

After the party, I still can't believe that I won. Until I was home, I didn't tell it to anyone else. Until I receive the email in claiming the gadget. I went to the office with my son and my mother without them knowing the reason. Until I told them the truth that I won the major prize.

Realizations in Life

1. I believe that nobody is unlucky.

2. Everyone has perfect timing for everything. Timing for a perfect job, for finding a perfect partner, for a new business and a lot of reasons. Those were my perfect timing to win.

3. Life is like a wheel. Sometimes you're at the top and sometimes at the bottom. We just need to be patient at all times.

4. Life doesn't depend on luck. We need to work hard, pray and enjoy life. Now that we are still in pandemic, we need to save. Think of other earnings.

Until I join I write articles to earn.

I am a single mom and a breadwinner in the family, too. My younger brother and I are both helping each other in the family's needs like food, bills etc. so I work hard and find sidelines to earn. I may failed in some but I know I will succeed in my endeavors.

Try and try for we will succeed.

" will help helping Me and will be helping Me.." that is my aim in my mind when I write articles.

But of course, I should work hard as well.

Thank you for reading and supporting all my blogs......

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