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Hello September.Hello BCH..

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3 months ago

I can say that August was not a good month for me. The Random Rewarder was not often visiting my articles unlike before. Whenever I published an article, I will receive tips in an hour or less than an hour. But now, its very seldom he visited me. It makes me feel sad especially when I tried my very best and put more efforts in a certain article. I knew in myself that it was an interesting topic but it just looked invisible in the end. Maybe I should improve more.

I hope that September will be good month to me, the start of something better for me and to all of us in Read.Cash family.

September as they say is the start of Ber months, next is October, November and December. Some are already buying presents for their loved ones for the Christmas season. The earlier, the better, as they say. But for me, I buy few presents during December only when I got my 13th month pay.

Expectations For September

What do I need to do for September?

Put more efforts in writing more articles. I cannot write an article everyday. But now I should push more despite being busy with my family and work. One of the reason why I cannot write more is because my son also uses my cellphone everyday. He is addicted to games and watches YouTube. I can only use it if he will play with his toys, or he is tired of using my phone or if he is already sleeping.

If I have my phone, there are times that I don't have the idea yet. If I have the idea in mind, most of the time, my son uses it. So if my son is using it, I tried myself to think of nice topics so that once I have my phone back, I can write continuously.

Think of more interesting topics. I need to focus on topics that is usual and will be noticeable to readers. My topics is all about my experiences in the past or what I am experiencing. I wanted to try writing about cryptocurrency but I am not knowledgeable yet. I am still in the learning process.

Make a goal. I don't usually post my goal because I know that I cannot follow it. I hope that I can reach even .1 to .2 BCH. I think it's not hat bad to reach for me only. All of us have goals in life that we want to achieve.

Being more active in Read.Cash. I can say that I was not interactive in previous months with commenting or sharing tips to others. I believe that when you commented or upvoted an article, means a lot for every writer. A simple upvote makes me happy meaning they like what I wrote.

What more if they gave you a tip? Why am I here? Mainly to earn so every earning I have here helped me a lot.

I will be more active and gave more time to read others articles too.

My Wish for this Month

To achieve .1 or .2 BCH. I have a lot in my mind what to buy first but primarily, that is my goal. I will just buy what I needed once I have reached that goal for this month. If not reachable, there are still coming months.

To have sponsorship. Whenever I have new sponsorship, I cannot describe how I feel. It was mixed emotion that I cannot believe but it is really happening. There is a reason why they sponsored you. They like your articles or maybe they are beginning to like your personality based on what you wrote.

I can't help but I always monitored my number of subscrbers because as I open my account, it will show how many subscribers I have. I only have few but I am always thankful of them.

Also, I am wishing for my niece's account to earn also. She already created her account but she has not earned yet. I told her that I will introduced her but she is shy. She does not want to give her username to me for her to be welcomed here. She has not yet received tips from Rusty.

I hope I can save my earnings. I always end to using my earnings due to expenses at home. I used it to pay bills and in our loading business. If I could only save it from the start, maybe I have bought what I wanted. But it's okay because I used my earnings at home. I did not wasted it.

My Final Say

I always believe that you maybe down now but tomorrow is another day. You woke up your on the top. I will always strive to write more and inspire others.

If others can, why can't I? All I need is to believe in the power of imagination and trust in myself.

Thank you to all my sponsors and to all the readers. Happy reading everyone!!

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Written by   56
3 months ago
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Kaya yan, maykilala akong ganyan din. keep fighting hehehe newbie ako dito kaya sisipagan kona din 💪

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3 months ago

Thank you. Congrats din kasi kahit newbie ka, dami mo na subscribers. Good luck

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3 months ago

Okay lang yan sis. Sipagan lang natin para maabot natin ang ating mga goals. Let's strive more. Kaya natin to.💪

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3 months ago