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Happy 5th Birthday To My Son Nathan

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3 months ago

My sons birthday was yesterday. We were all waiting for that day. He is now 5 years old. Time flies so fast. I still remember the day he was born. The very first time I saw him and held his hands. It was unexplainable but amazing feeling for me as well as to all mothers.

My son knew the date of his birthday although he has no idea when it was until we told him that day. I told him that he is turning 5 years old on August 31. All he knew were the cakes and ballloons during his birthday.

No visitors were allowed yet because of the quarantine but my whole family celebrated my son's special day. My relatives and friends also greeted him early in the morning

We don't have a big celebration for him but as long as we were all there for him and seeing all the balloons and the preparations for him made him a happy kid.

Our Preparations

Beforehand, I am more excited for my sons birthday rather than mine. Even my family, they were more than excited for my son's birthday because I am too old for celebrations and they knew that I will spend more for my son than for myself.

As a parent, we always want what's best for our children and, I totally agree on that. Eventhough we were having financial issues, I still bought foods for him. Birthday happens only once every year so we need to make it memorable yet simple for our kids and even for ourselves.

I bought the dry items the day before his birthday like the pasta, sauce, cheese which are needed for the spaghetti and "lumpiang shanghai' and pansit canton.

I also bought inflatable lettered balloons for him showing "NATHAN" and 5 colorful balloons and a banner showing "Happy Birthday" in silver color.

Nathan's Birthday

My sister went to the market to buy the meat and the vegetables in the wet market early in the morning like pork and vegetables. She was too busy preparing for all of the food including our lunch "menudo" and "lumpiang shanghai" which takes time.

I came from nightshift so I slept for 3-4 hours before helping my sister. She was almost done when I woke up.

I just bought the rest of the food that were needed like cakes and ice creams outside together with my partner.

My nieces and nephew arranged the letters in our window by putting white curtain in the window and attaching the banners, lettered balloons and colorful balloons.

When we were back, we started taking pictures of my son in the arranged curtains and when he blew his candles. We were all laughing because he can't blew the candle as much as he blew it. We took pictures of the foods and we also included my mothers photo.

Then we started giving out foods to neighbors especially to my son's playmates. Thisbis what I always wanted which is to share what you have.

The weather was fine like last year. Because when he celebrated his birthday from 1-3 years old, it always rains. Good thing it was a sunny afternoon.

We also have pizzas courtesy of my cousin, cake from my younger brother and ice cream from my older brother. My partner brought a live turkey which was turned into "adobo" on my sons birthday. We have a lot of foods and I thank my family for sharing with the expenses.

I forgot to took pictures for the three of us: Nathan, me and his papa because I was too busy especially after giving out foods. I cleaned the table and washed all that are needed to be washed. It was tiring but fulfilling as I always say.

It would be happier if my mother was there but I know she is now happy in heaven with God.

if there is no Covid, we have invited my son's playmates so it will be happier for my son that they will eat together and play after. But now, we just give out foods to them.

I remember his first birthday. There were many kids and we hired clowns for the kids to enjoy. Even the weather was not fine, we still able to enjoy it. But my son was too young during that time so for sure, he cannot recall his past birthday.

My Wish for My Son

I have many worries for my son as a mother and I always pray to God to keep my son safe always even I am with or without his side like when I am at work or away from him. He is my only son and every parent wishes safety for all his children.

I just wished for him to be a good son to us, to be a good person, to be God-fearing and to finish his studies and have a better future including having his own family.

I always pray for my whole family's safety and to give us a long long life including my son and my partner.

I wish for him to enjoy his childhood up to adulthood. That she spent his time wisely and to grow up in the right path of life.

I hope to be strong for my family until I get old. I wish that I have saved money by the time he gets to College snd fulfill his ambition.

My Final Say

We should always enjoy our time with our kids. They grew up fast. One day we just carried them and tomorrow, they will have their own friends whom they will hang out with. Once they grow up, they will spend more time with their friends and less with us.

I want to thank my sister for helping me in the special day of my son. She cooked and cooked and washed the dishes. She also woke up early to go to the market and cook. My father also helped in cooking. Without them, it will be impossible to celebrate my son's birthday with delicious foods.

Thank you to all my sponsors and to all my friends.

Happy Reading to all!

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Written by   56
3 months ago
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Happy Birthday 🎉 to your son I wish him long life and prosperity and good health

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3 months ago

Thank you so much

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3 months ago

You are welcome

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3 months ago

Happy birthday sa baby mo sis. Sana lumaki siyang mabait na bata. My good wishes for him.😊

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3 months ago

Maraming salamat. Yun din wish ko ma lumaki syang mabait at mapunta sa tamang direksyon

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3 months ago

Bilang mga nanay, yan talaga ang wish natin sa mga anak natin, ang lumaki silanh mabait at mapagmahal.😊

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3 months ago

Tama laging kung ano yung makalabuti sa anak natin

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3 months ago