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Failure Is A Way To One's Success

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1 month ago

Everyone makes mistakes. It is normal because we are humans made to experience happy and sad moments. When we made mistakes, we should also find ways to correct it.

There are failures. But we can try to succeed in our own ways. Different ways to make ourselves or our family survive in everyday lives. What is wrong is when we do not try to make our life change for the better.

Failure does exist to everyone. It doesn't mean we should stop trying when we failed but rather, let us just continue dreaming and making those dreams come true. Use those failures as an experience for us to improve and succeed.

My Experiences

First of all, I would like to say that I am not yet successful in work or in life. I just want to share my experiences in life where I had failures and somewhat succeeded.

There are ups and downs in life especially in my experiences at work.

I remember my first job. I applied because I was with my classmates. I don't have the confidence to apply alone. Since we all passed, we worked together. I realized how hard the real life was. How hard it was to work for a low salary, working 12 hours a day and a long travel. I experience stress and met strict people inside the company knowing we are new hired. I only lasted there for 3 months due to salary issues.

I applied to other company but not because I'm confident enough to apply. I was just hired maybe because the sister of my brother-in-law was the manager of one of the departments in the company. I applied personally with my mother at that time. But I did my best during interview and written examination. It was a better company compared to my first job. They gave bigger salary and other allowances and incentives compared to the first one. It was a success though. Why? Because I was able to find a better company which paid my efforts better.

Then I dreamed of applying to other types of job. I want to work inside a mall. I want to wear skirts so I can see people while working. So I tried applying and I succeeded.

I worked in a mall. I enjoyed seeing people while working. I wore skirts and sandals. I look presentable compared to my previous work wherein I wore jeans and shirts everyday. I met many people working there. Until I heard of BPO. Business Process Outsourcing or the call centers. I thought of applying after my last job.

I applied to different call center companies. It was totally different from the rest of the jobs I have because you need to speak in English in all the steps of application. From initial interview up to the final. You need to prove that you can speak English well because your main job is to talk to Americans. You should understand them and vice versa.

It was not easy ro pass the interview. From the companies I applied, I usually failed during the final interview. Maybe I was not good enough to them or my voice seemed nervous during interviews. I applied to more than 2 or 3 companies before I passed. I almost lost my confidence in applying in BPO's because I always failed.

Until I got the job which was just near our place. A one ride travel only which took 20-30 mins only. The salary was big and the job was okay. Luckily, I was moved into non-voice account which means I will not be taking calls. I will only be doing back office jobs. It was better and less stress. My work lasted for 3 years because our account was transferred to India. We were paid for the total years of our service with the conpany. This means I need to apply again. For me, it was still a success because I made it to BPO. I worked with people who graduated 4 or more years in college or universities. Some were undergraduate while some graduated. It seemed we were all in one level though I only took 2 years of college. I am proud to be working with them.

I applied again to other companies. There was a company where I worked in a voice account and I thought I can do it. But it was difficult for me. I need to study like a student because the account was hard. You need to explain different inquiries from the customer. It was also hard to understand their accent. It was a UK account. We were just under training but it was tough for me. Aside from the stress from training, I was also stressed with travel because it was far from home.

I did not pass the training period. It only lasted for 3 months. I failed because I thought that I will be able to work in a voice account. It was supposed to be the first voice account if I passed. I tried to understand every exercises we have but I don't know why I cannot absorb most of the topics.

I knew I failed that time because I did not pass the training but I am still happy that I tried and continued it even I was struggling. At least, I have experienced how it feels taking live calls even for a short period of time. I experienced customers being angry witu me because I have not resolved their concerns. I heard them got angry with me because I cannot access their accounts due to their accents. I knew I tried my best but it was not enough. I just thought that maybe that job was not for me. It was meant for others.

Now, I am still with the company I worked with for 8 years and I can say that those 8 years were mixed emotions. It is a voice account.There were happiness when we have activities or events at work. We all bonded during that time. Sadness when someone leaves the company. Feeling tired when it was peak season. But happiness again once we receive our salary.

Being Successful

I know that each of us has different paths to success. We don't know when and where but we should just keep on trying our best in everything we do.

I am not yet successul in business or in the job I wanted but I can say I am ttying to be successful in some other ways.

I am trying to be a successful mother. I will do all my best for my son. I will guide him all the way.

I am trying to be successful in writing. Everyday is a learning process for me. What to write and where will my ideas came from.

My Final Say

"Try and try until you succeed."

If at first you don't succeed, try and try again.

Failures are our steps to success. How can the wealthy businessman became rich and famous?

Some people started with nothing. They started from scratch. They planned everything well in putting up a business.

They borrowed money. Then put up that business. All was planned but it did not work that way. They failed. But then, it did not stopped them from dreaming and trying.

They think of other business. They tried harder and focused on what business to put up. They started all over again. They still failed.

It did not stop there. They became more focused on a business. They started again and again. Until they succeeded. Their business became successful. It was not just a dream but now a reality. What made them successful is by thinking how many times they failed. What and what not to do. Making other strategies work until it became effective.

Thank you scottchbusiness Yzza0625 and Olasquare as my sponsors. Thank you for believing and supporting me in my articles.

Happy reading!!

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Written by   56
1 month ago
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