Communicating With God Is A Must

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I am not a religious person but I believe in God. I don't read the Holy Bible but I honestly fear God. He is the reason why we existed in this world. I may have sinned a lot but I know he always forgives. We should always thank him for being with us always. Prayer is a powerful way of communicating with God.

What do we usually pray to God?

When we were kids, we don't pray seriously. All we ask are the material things in this world like toys and candies. But as we grow older, we have a deeper and meaningful prayers to God. Not just the material things but we also ask for guidance and strength.

Reasons To Thank God

I admit that I don't pray everyday which I should be doing. But when I do, I make it a habit to thank Him and ask for prayers to be granted.

Thank God for Another Day.

Waking up everyday is a blessing which means we have another chance to enjoy another day and prove your worth to the world. This cannot be bought by money but every status in the society can have it.

Some were not given a chance for another day but it is because of different reasons. I believe that we should not take this for granted.

Life is full of surprises. It is fun to wake up with your family. Enjoying the beautiful weather, going to the malls, beaches or even just by staying home and watching television.

Thank God for the good health.

Ever since I became adult, I realized that nothing is more important than a good health. "Health is wealth." The saying is correct. Being sick or having a disease does not depend if you are rich or poor. It can happen to anyone. There are diseases that cannot be cured by being wealthy. So what more if you are poor, there is low chance to survive if we suffer from a disease or accident. It includes financial support along the way.

I pray for my family to have a good health always. Even we are not rich, as long as we don't get sick and we are together as family, that is what matters most.

Thank God for the food we eat.

I am thankful that my family survives everyday meals. Starting from breakfast up to dinner, we are thankful for everything we eat.

I admit that I am a picky eater and I eat few types of vegetables only but I can still survive. What I also learn is that it is hard to think on what to cook everyday. The meals that we eat seemed redundant every week since most of us does not eat vegetables.

But God is really good that he provides us and never get tired of giving us.

Thank God for our jobs.

I don't have a job right now but I am asking God for guidance in the career I want to pursue. Not just for my own but also for my family's occupations. I always ask for a continuous job and safety in or out of our working place. I also pray that whoever perseveres in job application will find a job easily.

Thank God for my family and friends.

We should be thankful always for not being alone. We were born with parents and siblings. Some were only child but still we have parents or relatives to rely on.

Family are our forever companion through thick and thin. They are our strength in times of need.

We are also lucky for having friends. There are things that we cannot open to our family and we have friends to talk to.

My Final Say

There are a lot of things to tell God. We can simply thank him or ask for forgiveness. We can share stories to him. God is good.

Thank you very much and have a nice day.

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