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8 years and still counting..

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9 months ago

I've been with different companies and with different types of job.

I started to work in different manufacturing companies as contractual employees for 5 months or 6 months only.

I also worked in a mall as sales clerk. This was an accessory shop where we sell jewelries, pony tails, hair clips and mostly girls accessories. I cannot remember how many jobs I have been until I entered BPO world.

BPO or Business Process Outsourcing is where an organization hires another company to perform tasks required. They are known as "call centers". It can be non-voice or voice accounts.

When you say voice accounts, they are doing calls which can be outbound (you are the one calling the customer) or inbound (you receive calls from the customer).

If its non-voice accounts, it is done through chat, email support or by using a provided tool to process datas or requests.

I was once in a voice account but it only lasted for 3 months. I did not pass the training period. I am trying my best in every activities but it was hard for me. During live calls, I cannot respond to customers concern.

The rest of the companies I worked in BPO were from non-voice accounts. I have 1 account which lasted for 3 months only because the work load is only few so they need to end our contract immediately. The 2nd company was for almost 1 year after I resigned, the 3rd was for 3 years but the account closed so we were all paid and the last and the current one is for 8 years and still counting.

This is the longest years I stayed in a company.

Wave back 2013, I remember when my former colleague invited me to apply. We both applied from 8 in the morning until 2am midnight. Yes! It lasted until midnight because the schedule for application has long gaps. The initial interview from HR started 10am then we waited for 1pm for the online examination and the result. Then we waited for the final interview by the manager from the account who came from nightshift so we were interviewed around 1-2 am which was their break time and there were many applicants by that time.

Results for the final interview was done through SMS.

Fortunately, I received the SMS that I passed but my colleague did not received a message get. She thought she did not make it so she applied to a different company where she was hired easily. When she already signed contract, she received the SMS from the company we both applied that she also passed. But since she already signed from the other company, I was the only one who continue.

During my first day, my first impression with the old employees were very warm and happy. We were 24 newly hired at that time. During training, it seems confusing first what the work is all about but when we started live with processing, its getting clear to us. You just need to follow the rules and always ask for assistance.

The work is not loaded at that time. We were divided into 3 teams. 8 agents per team leader. My team leader is quiet type but she seems strict. She wants to have a perfect attendance and quality in the team. We were all scared to ask questions to her. Whenever she held meetings, she is straight forward unlike other teams, they seemed happy during meetings. But she just looked strict. As I got to know her, she is also approachable.

Every now and then, there were group rotations wherein you will be transferred from different team. I was retained from my previous team leader until another rotation. I stayed with her. Maybe she likes my personality.

Until there was another group rotation and my team lead was transferred to new line of business. I was moved to a new team leader. He was a boy but approachable. Easy to talk with.

I can say that most team leaders are nice and approachable. The employees were approachable too. The account is only small but we have different events. They do raffles, games and contests for all employees to enjoy also while working. We also have company outings.

But we also have peak seasons from October to December which means lots of work. We render overtime for how may hours, then rest day overtime which is Saturdays and Sundays. We earned bigger than our normal salary.

It was all fun until there were changes with our work. Aside from team rotation, there were also other changes. Some of us resigned while some were redundiated or their contract was ended but with pay. Since many agents left the account, we have additional work.

I didn't expect that I have stayed 8 years in my present company. Aside from the work itself, you also have to be patient with the people around you.

There are different types of people. You just need to go with the people you think that are good to you. It's hard to work in an environment where there are people you hate. You just need to choose the people you're going with. After all, you work to earn.

Some said that working in a BPO is an easy job. That this is where people who did not graduate landed. Well, some does but if you want a change in career, you can work here. Some of my colleagues were working in a bank before, some were nurses, teachers etc. .

Working in a BPO is a tough job. You have to adapt with the changes. Talking to a customer with complaints is stressful. They will shout at you or say anything they want to say to you. They are usually ranting because of the company and not with the employee.

Most of the employees in our company are all tenured. Some are 11 years, 10 years, which means employees stayed longer for a reason. It was managed by good people before. Some stayed for a reason.

As long as you love your job, your job loves you back. There's a reason to stay and continue.

Hope you all enjoy this article. Thank you to all friends and my sponsor CryptoMax.

Have a nice day. Enjoy reading.

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Written by   61
9 months ago
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