Let's Remind Ourselves To Practice Humanity

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10 months ago
Cute Street Puppy With Me

Many of you already take care of animals like family and you guys are real human being. Actually this post is not to remind other to be a human rather it need to remind oneself. Most of the time I ignore street animals because I've a lots of work to do and have no time practicing humanity. So today during the morning walk A cute and adorable street puppy grabbed my attention and later I met It's other siblings or family. Puppies are so adorable. I'm a homeless myself as I live in rental house like hostel and there pets are not allowed.

Honestly I feel pity to people and animals living on street and wish to be rich enough to help and support them as much they need to have. But I've no time for them because I'm busy being a robot, a robotic life where there daily tasks should be done on time and need to earn own livelihood and also to support family. Family is the first priority as responsibility and when we are able to support family, we can think about supporting street animals.

Puppies Eating Bread

At first I met one and gradually met 3-4 puppies. One was sleeping so it couldn’t join other siblings to share the bread. I bought the bread to fed them and they were so hungry, I felt pity when they were eating like hungry. As street animal they are not clean but they seems still depend on breast feeding of their mama dog. I didn’t find their mama dog there. These puppies are healthy and clean because they are living inside a garage. I wish to take them with me in a home but as I said I'm living in a hostel where its not allowed to keep animal and I'm also not free enough to take care of others animal.

Feeding them bread was a part of practicing humanity for me today. I brought a piece of bread and decide to feed cute street puppies. If someday I'll own my house, I'll try to arrange a space for street animal care and feeding area. This is not for a business or money making purpose, this will be like volunteer activity for self satisfaction and also a part of practicing humanity.

They are busy eating bread

After finishing feeding bread I left the place. It was a beautiful moment I've spent practicing humanity and we all can have self satisfaction by take care of our street animals. This kind of activities also appreciated by Almighty Allah, if you are a religious or religion believer your intention could be impressing your Almighty as I do anything good to others to impress Almighty Allah.

There are some people abuse street animals and hurt them for no reason, these people are like beast and can't afford to be a human. Real human never hurt animals. If we can't afford to love and take care of other animals, we can ignore them but we can't hurt them physically. There are many street animal found bloody body because they were bitten brutally as street animals steal foods from stalls sometimes but why they steal? Because we didn’t feed them and as the best creation of Almighty, its our responsibility to take care of other animals. Say No to animal abuse and practice humanity everyday.

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10 months ago


Appreciate your thinking.... And efforts. . I saw a video if a Indian guy who was feeding the helpless street dogs.. I relay felt respect for him.. We all shout perform our part of work.

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10 months ago