Its 23k Now! Wen Moon?

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2 months ago
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Is it still bullish? Bitcoin is the grandpa of all crypto and its 23k now, wen moon? How many of you desperately waiting for the moment when cryptos will go to the moon and we all can experience the spring of crypto world. The beginning of 2023 showing positive signs and we can be hopeful for something big specially those whose holding a big amount of crypto coins. The time may coming soon when I can congratulate many crypto holders and investors.

Bear market was indeed golden chance for crypto investors and I appreciate the wise decision makers and holders. Hold tight and feel the awesomeness of crypto currencies or digital money. Don't invest on probable scam coins and you can identify them by doing a research on market and the target coins. Experts can help you researching so you can simply follow them on social media like YouTube, Instagram and Twitter. Crypto analysts are like celebrity to me as they have huge fan followers.

My heartiest gratitude to crypto traders because their wise trading can bring back the green days of crypto and the green days can be long lasting. You can experience the awesomeness of crypto when you are able to hold it for long time or for the right time. I'm still waiting when bitcoin will be at least more than 40k and considering the time right now as the beginning. Wen moon is the hottest topic of the time and we all want to experience the good time of crypto-currencies and also the financial stabilities in world wide economy.

Its an aim for crypto traders that they can contribute in reducing inflation and make our economy of the world stable and stronger as much possible. $23k is a good number and many expert considering it as bull run though personally I'm not considering this as bull run yet but still hopefull for it. May 2023 bring more blessings for we crypto lovers around the world, we are desperately waiting for the moon!

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2 months ago


BTC is the grandpa of all crypto


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1 month ago

The recent developments like Arizona preparing legalise BTC as legal tender and begree offers BTC to users , international markets like Nasdaq , Russell and Dow climbing up means BTC will rise further. Hope so !

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1 month ago