Control The Beast Inside You, Be Truly Human

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1 year ago
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Did you ever seen yourself in the mirror when you get angry or burst out with anger? Our behaviour always represent ourselves either we prove ourselves human or beast. Nature of breast is expected but behaviour like a beast from a human is totally unexpected.

The more we hide the beast inside us, the more we become truly a human. We all get angry some found burst out in anger and some found shouting which couldn’t be a nature of human. Many people use slug languages and also shows middle finger when get tempered but have you ever use your brain that your this kind of behaviour spoiling your own image to others? You Just introducing yourself as a beast nothing more than that. A real human never can appreciate such kind of behaviour.

Actually I wonder when I found so called educated people using slug languages and become quarrelsome in several issues. Having control is a quality of human and beast are only loss control and do inhuman acts. We may can't change them to be such beast but we at least can't forget that we are educated and our education should be reflect in our behaviour. We can keep silent when things are out of control, people who does bad will either realize or will be punished. Because no one can sphere from revenge of nature.

Many people in anger and in jealousy found barking like a dog, sorry I'm comparing this with bark but seriously at that time people looks like a crazy dog who bark in anger and try to harm others. They hardly feel guilty but when the human inside them awake they only can feel ashamed and they should be after all they are human and educated too.

In angry mood we human forget that we are educated and our behaviour should be gentle even when negative people try to poke us or breaks us by their words. We shouldn’t pull down ourselves to their level, we should maintain a good level and real human never can be bad even to a bad. But for peace we can keep silent. We can shut your mouth whenever something bad going to be out from our mouth. So holding tongue is a great virtue according to religious views and morality.

So Let's be human truly and try to control as much we can. We at least can start practicing it and one day we may can do it successfully. Let's promise ourselves that we will practice being a human and hide the beast inside us, let the beast sleep with peace.

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1 year ago


Controlling the beast inside of us takes a lot of meditation 🧘‍♀️

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yup right

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